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Wroxham, Norfolk

Wroxham is a town on the River Bure in Norfolk and is part of the Norfolk Broads.  There are plenty of places to sit, relax by the water and enjoy a drink or some food.Love this basket sat outside one of the gift shops on the way to the river.Th...
by Parr Photo Art on Oct 15, 2015

Southern Comfort Mississippi Paddle Boat at Horning, Norfolk

The Southern Comfort Mississippi Paddle Boat can be found moored at the small village of Horning on the Norfolk Broads.  The boat was purpose built for the broads to take 100 passengers along the River Bure out to Ranworth Broad and back.The Swa...
by Parr Photo Art on Oct 15, 2015

Girls want to be taken seriously

Girls, and I purposefully use the term girls saving the label “women” for adult females; adult in mind, mannerisms and how they interact with others. TV is a very small part of life but it has a lot of influence upon society. If you want...
by Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW on Sep 10, 2015

prototypes are fully road-legal cars which are insured and taxed

Whenever a car manufacturer is working on a new model, they often produce prototypes or concept cars which are built on a small scale (say two or three models). These prototypes are fully road-legal cars which are insured and taxed, because they driv...

Roy’s Town

At the tail end of summer, we took an afternoon excursion to Wroxham, gateway to the Norfolk Broads. We expected pretty and quaint with teahouses, old pubs and happy holiday-makers splashing about in boats. We were disappointed. Anything worth preser...
by Perking the Pansies on Nov 4, 2013

Google Before You Go

A bright spring sky and a benign forecast enticed us out for a countryside foray. We fancied a look around a reconstructed Iceni village near the hamlet of Cockley Cley (there’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m damned if I can find it).
by Perking the Pansies on Mar 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pride Live!

by Perking the Pansies on Mar 9, 2013

One Billion Rising

‘One Billion Rising’ is a global campaign to eradicate violence towards women and girls. Why One Billion Rising? Well, it’s estimated that one third of all women on the planet will experience violence at some point in their lifetime. It’s a s...
by Perking the Pansies on Feb 13, 2013

The Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide

Santa sent me a bumper prize this year: globe-trotting local lass Roving Jay paid me a whistle-stop visit. Jay currently lives in Los Angeles but grew up in the flatlands and big skies of East Anglia – she’s a Norfolk broad at heart. She...
by Perking the Pansies on Jan 10, 2013

Demented Dames Destroying Via the Ballot

Females were denied the vote in the USA for many logical reasons. Nowadays, political correctness backed by the power of greedy businesses and their politician lackeys have done everything possible to increase female power and thus the funds they hav...

When Will it Happen to YOU??? Never? Maybe.. Maybe Not

“Police said Lynette Lee admitted to a Clarksville detective last week the rape claim she had made earlier in the month was false. She said she had only made the claim because she did not enjoy the date.”   Woman Files False Rape Cla...

Get Out of My Pub!

Close to our ancient lodgings in the parish of Norwich-across-the-water is an Irish pub called ‘Delaney’s’. Gawd knows why it’s described as an Irish bar. It sells Guinness but otherwise looks like a run-of-the-mill pub to me. One thing in it...
by Perking the Pansies on Nov 28, 2012

Crazy Norfolk Broads

One late evening, Liam popped out for a pint of semi-skimmed for our morning cuppa and a bottle of cheap red. As he turned an ancient corner, he found himself leaping for his life as an elderly Norfolk broad sped towards him in a motorised wheelchair...
by Perking the Pansies on Oct 11, 2012

The UK’s great green breaks

Save the planet – and the budget – with great green country breaks. Discover where to pedal or paddle, sail or hike, or snuggle up in a yurt or eco-cabin. TRADE WORK FOR FOOD Across the UK Ever gazed at a field from a train and felt you’d like...
by on Jun 1, 2012

Norfolk Broads Sailing Yachts – The Gems of the Broads

The Norfolk Broads would not be finish not having the sight of conventional yachts with their sails billowing in the breeze – the best location to take pleasure in some of the wonderful inland sailing anyplace in the globe. Broads yachts are co...
by Tripdeck on Apr 11, 2012

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