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Penguins Update: Murder, Inc.

Back in the day, the Italian-American Mafia and Jewish mob carried out their nefarious activities with the aid of well-established enforcement groups. Headed by notorious gangsters such as Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and Albert “The Mad Hatter” A...
by PenguinPoop on Dec 13, 2016


by The Politics of Everything on Aug 6, 2016

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Gardening For The Physical As Well As Mental Well-Being Of The Gardener

This post gives you some information about the amazing health benefits of gardening. Most of us consider gardening as a hobby or a pastime activity, but there are many who derive immense pleasure and satisfaction from the plants and trees they grow.
by Home Design Ideas on Aug 2, 2016

Beat Bugs Premiere and How I Fail at Being Hollywood

Netflix invited me to the premiere of their new original animated series, Beat Bugs. They’ve also given me a free subscription to their service to facilitate this post. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you to Netflix for part...
by Our Holly Days on Aug 1, 2016

How to Draw Cartoon Bee from the Word “bee” – Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Today I will show you how to draw a cartoon bee from the word "bee". This is a very simple lesson that kids of all ages can enjoy. We have broken things down into very simple steps...have fun and happy drawing! The post How to Draw Cartoon Bee from t...
by Drawing How to Draw on Jul 27, 2016

Wildlife in our garden and easy ways to help your local wildlife!

My reasons for being eco-friendly mainly centre around wanting a healthy and happy future for myself and generations to come and my way of approaching it so far has mainly involved thinking about reducing the rubbish my household produces, trying to...
by Eco Thrifty Living on Jul 26, 2016

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

@@Monkey may still be lagging behind with his reading but this boy certainly does love information and the 300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly has gone down rather well here.  The books are primarily aimed at children aged 7 … Co...
by Over 40 and a Mum to One on Jul 18, 2016

Natural Bug Spray And Anti-Itch Cream

photo by Do you spend a lot of time outside and live in an area with a lot of bugs? Many people will apply a bug spray that has been purchased at a local store. However,... Visit my website for full links, other content,...
by Homemade to Healthy on Jul 8, 2016

Arachnaphobia and Other Southern Pestulence

GUYS.I'm not really afraid of spiders.  I think they're cool little dudes and I'm totally fine with peacefully coexisting with them so long as they respect boundaries and keep their creepy crawly little asses outside.  Or well-hidden deep i...

Bed bugs Pest Control Perth to Rapidly Destroy the Obnoxious Buggers

Are you frightened of seeing bed bugs crawling inside the cupboard? Get a quick assistance from the eminent pest control provider to provide top-notch eradication techniques.
by Pest Control Free Tips on Jun 22, 2016

Spring Fly Fishing in Western Massachusetts

As we prep for the baby to arrive, fishing time has gotten slimmer and slimmer. Thankfully, we have a river in the backyard. Like every late spring, I can look out over the Deerfield and see bugs doing their magical dance above the water. As a fly...

Make DIY Citronella Candles

photo by Are you looking forward to spending some time outside in your backyard this summer, but want to prevent a mosquito attack? There are many products that you can buy to... Visit my website for full links, other content,...
by Find My DIY on Jun 13, 2016

Introducing the ant size animation: Minuscule

If you go down to the woods this spring, you’re sure of a tiny surprise as the mini-beasts go antennae-to-antennae for the spoils of a picnic. Lionsgate Films is proud to announce the release of MINUSCULE, an animated family adventure that follows...
by mumofthreeboys on May 23, 2016


Thorny caterpillar from field in Kolhapur. This multi-legged creatures scared the shit out of you when you encounter it this close. The post Caterpillar appeared first on Lensed Photography.
by Lensed Photography on May 20, 2016

Creating a Jewelry Collection

 My ‘Silver Bug’ Collection is finished!  It contains 11 silver bug jewelry pieces made with silver metal clay (Art Clay, FYI silver clay and one piece Hadar’s Steel Clay) and it has taken close to a year to complete.  I do admit...

Orkin Mosquito Summer Scientist Giveaway

Summer is almost here! That means picnics, baseball games, barbecues and all the fun of enjoying the great outdoors with your family. There’s one thing [...] The post Orkin Mosquito Summer Scientist Giveaway appeared first on Everyday Life.
by Everyday Life on Apr 20, 2016

How to Draw a Butterfly from the Letter Y – Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a simple butterfly from the capital letter Y shape. Find out how to draw this with the following simple, step by step drawing lesson. The post How to Draw a Butterfly from the Letter Y – Easy Step by St...
by Drawing How to Draw on Apr 16, 2016

Fallout 4 Bug How to Save Kent

Last weekend I was playing my usual level of Fallout 4. I was neck-deep in the Silver Shroud quest-line when I The post Fallout 4 Bug How to Save Kent appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on Apr 11, 2016

Bed Bug Control Strategies: Important Facts You Should Know

Annoyed of the bed bugs? Want to eliminate them from the property? Here’s an overview of the top aspects to consider when you want to get rid of bed bugs.
by Pest Control Free Tips on Apr 6, 2016

Bug Storytime

BUGS! Who doesn’t love to talk about bugs. Yeah they can be kind of gross sometimes but there are some pretty awesome bugs! Especially some awesome bug books! Book: The Big Bug Book by David A. Carter This is a fun pop-up book with tons of sill...
by This Librarian's Life on Apr 5, 2016

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