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Our Suburban Farmhouse- The Story of Rock

After two weeks of what seemed like nothing happening over at the new house we finally have a little action going on.Continue on to Read More...
by From My Front Porch To Yours on Jul 31, 2016

[TUT] Pluralsight – Build Process, Workflows and Tooling With Grunt.js and Beyond

Description: Transform a static app with basic script includes and no tooling into a first class citizen with a build process, preprocessing, asset pipeline and more using techniques with Grunt.js and beyond (Yeoman, Lineman and more). This course co...
by tutgfx on Aug 24, 2014

Why Static Code Analysis is Important?

From last few years, Software code quality and security has went from being a “nice to have” to a necessity, and many organizations, including investment banks are making it mandatory to pass static code analysis test, penetration testing and sec...
by javarevisited on Feb 14, 2014

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