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Apo Whang Od and The Buscalan Tribe

It has always been my fascination to discover such a place that will break your heart when you leave. That tingling feeling inside your heart that aches while walking away on place you’ve grown to love. I never thought I would find such in the earl...

Guide On Meeting The Last “Mambabatok” Apo Whang Od

It was in the year 2010 when I learned of Apo Whang Od through Discovery Channel and since then, it has always been on my bucket list to meet her and have my first tattoo by her. I’ve waited years to finally have it happened. It is one of the perfe...
by Jabberyjays In My Little Haven on Jan 30, 2016

Conversations with Victor Baculi in Luplupa, Kalinga, Philippines

STORY: Most travelers stop by in the town of Buscalan to meet Fang-Od. But very little has been written about Victor Baculi. He is the first guide in Tinglayan, and arguably the most memorable of... Backpacking trips around The Philippines, Asia and...
by Pinoy Boy Journals on Sep 13, 2015


photo taken from Google.Kalinga is a province way up North of the Philippines. It is part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. It's capital is Tabuk.When you say to Manilenyos (well, that's what I've proven so far) Kalinga, they will say Apayao.I...
by Explored and Experienced on Jul 5, 2015

Chronicles of Summer: I Got a Tattoo, But This is NOT Just What It's All About

Tinglayan, Kalinga | March 2013 The fascination started with an fb message: You want to go with us to Kalinga and see the last (traditional) tattoo artist? Maybe get one?* Even before curiosity sets in, I said yes. That's one thing about me: I rare...
by Tula (at tuwa) ni Au on May 1, 2013

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