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Children and Bushcraft

From an early age I have been talking about and showing my girls wild and garden plants and trees.  Now they enjoy looking for new ones and identifying them from books.  My eldest daughter is 6 and on a recent school trip the teacher asked...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jul 30, 2016

Best Bushcraft Books

Hi all,I have been absent from the blog for a while but have been busy in the woods. Over the last few years myself and my good friend Paul have built up a bushcraft school which is going from strength to strength.One of the most frequent questions a...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jul 23, 2016

My first good knife

Hello,I was reading a very interesting post on Paul Kirtley's blog yesterday where he talks about the value of a locking knife for survival. Paul Kirtley's Blog .The article was excellent as is usual for Paul but what caught my nostalgic nerve was hi...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jun 28, 2012


I do love a nice featherstick and they are good for getting the faimily BBQ going too! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jun 18, 2012

Excellent review on WM1

Hi, I personally love this little knife. Very usefull indeed for everything. The only thing i would say is that the handle is quite thin for powerfull cuts. It digs into your hand a little.I found this review by an experienced outdoors man and he cer...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jul 1, 2011

Knife porn

Hi,My F1, a faithfull, used companion.I was looking at a few lovely pictures of expensive knifes on British blades today. Its all very nice when somone shows a knife and says it is a user when it is plainly not. Any knife that is a user will not look...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jun 29, 2011

Bushcraft knives

This is a knife I had made by Adam of JLT Knives. It is O1 steel with a reindeer antler handle and red Liners. The balance length and width is perfect for me. Adam is a great bloke and if you get a knife from him and there...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Feb 4, 2011

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