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Local Business Marketing – The Known Future

The Internet has turned into a great local business marketing tool in the past couple of years. While local businesses have not yet adopted these tools into their marketing strategies, the technologies are moving forward with or without them. The con...
by Online Offline Marketing on Mar 27, 2014

Advantages of Google Local Business Listings

Advantages of Google Local Business Listings  Google Local Business Listings are a new way in which people are using to connect with local businesses online. This has been brought about by the advent of technology that has led to decline…Read...

Grow your business with Local SEO

Local SEO is a state of art technique which aims in getting your business name and website listed before your local customers. It is estimated that over 80% of local newspapers have lost readers and it is just because search engines are trouble-free...

Tips For Advertising Your Local Internet Marketing Company

Things You Should Be Doing If Your Thinking Of Helping Local Small Businesses In Your Area With Their Internet Marketing Needs! I am big on not keeping all my eggs in one basket, so once you get a little internet marketing experience under your belt,...

Socibuzz Review Social Media Advertising Made Easy!

My Socibuzz Review. See How This Bad Boy Works, And How You Can Make Money With Them? Socibuzz is a rapidly growing social media advertising network that was launched this year. Socibuzzes global Alexa rank is just above 27,000, and growing rapidly!

How Can You Optimize Your Website’s Local Listings?

How Can You Optimize Your Website’s Local Listings? Do you have a website for your local business and thus your customer base is surely neither international nor national in nature? Well, in order to get hold of a local customer base via your websi...

WordPress Paid Business Listings v1.0.2 Blind SQL Injection

# Exploit Title: WordPress Paid Business Listings v1.0.2 Blind SQL Injection # Date: 6/29/12 # Exploit Author: Chris Kellum # Vendor Homepage: # Software Link:
by MondoUnix on Jul 10, 2012

Google + Launched New Local Search Tools For Businesses

On Wednesday May 30, 2012, Google+ launched a new Local tool, switching over 80 million business listings from Google Places to the newly created platform. The tool allows users to share and find information about places and businesses located near t...

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