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Count Number Of Vowels And Consonants In A String

This  C program  to count number of  vowels and consonants in an entered string. Here variables " v  mean  vowel " is increment whenever is a vowel found in tracing otherwise " c mean consonant " is increment .Progr...
by 123techguide on Feb 12, 2012

Linear Search

Linear search is not the most efficient way to search for an item in a collection of items . If the array elements are arranged in random order , it is the only reasonable way to search . Linear search is very simple to implement .The simplest o...
by 123techguide on Feb 10, 2012

Binary Search Using C Program

A sorted array is searched by Binary search.If the array is sorted , we can employ binary search , which brilliantly halves the size of the search space each time it examines one array element.Binary  means two , so it divides an array two halve...
by 123techguide on Feb 3, 2012

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