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Modern “Blanche Chalet” in Canada With Sweeping River Views

The Blanche Chalet, whose name evokes the spirit of the vernacular houses of the region, is situated in La Malbaie’s area of the “Terrasses Cap à l’Aigle”, Canada. ACDF Architecture opted for a simple geometry and natural materials...
by khairuddinuad on Aug 2, 2016

What to wear for Camping in Canada

If you’re planning a holiday in Canada that involves camping or staying in an RV, in one of Canada’s scenic national parks, you might want some tips on what clothing will work best for your holiday. I don’t know about you, but whe...
by Heather on her travels on Aug 2, 2016

Shocking Obesity Statistics Across the Globe ( 2016 and back )

Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable death and is underestimated by public globally. In latest research (Forbes – December 2015), the people of countries around the world were asked: Out of every 100 people how many do you think...
by Mexico Bariatric Center Blog on Aug 1, 2016

The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs July 2016

The Travel Tester Discovers the Best Travel Tips and Stories from all Around the Internet! Here are our Favourite Reads from this Month You just finished reading The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs July 2016! Consider leaving a comment! Follow me al...
by The Travel Tester on Aug 1, 2016

Israeli Arabs are now willing to sell property to Jews more

There's some good news if you're somebody who wants to improve residential status for Jews in Israel: Arabs across Israel and on both sides of the Green Line are increasingly willing to sell to Jews, says a Jerusalem city councilman, calling it a go...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Aug 1, 2016

Jexit: What if Japan tears up all its Australian #LNG contracts?

  If Japan successfully concludes that key clauses of current LNG sales agreements are anti-competitive, what will be the impact on global gas markets?   Whoa, back up. What’s this? News sources are reporting that the mighty METI, Ja...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 31, 2016

Toronto 60 Years Ago – 25 Beautiful Color Photos Captured Everyday Life in the Capital of Ontario during the 1950s

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, the provincial capital of Ontario, and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. A global city, it is an international centre of business, finance, arts, and cu...
by Vintage Everyday on Jul 30, 2016

Upcoming HTC Nexus Phones Will Not Share Same Build Quality

It’s been a while since there was any talk about Google’s upcoming Nexus lineup but now there has been new developments regarding the differences between Marlin and Sailfish.NexusBlog has apparently received word from a source within HTC about Ma...
by Android Match on Jul 29, 2016

Twiga Clothing - Canadian Made Just for You

When my daughter was little, we enrolled her in ballet class. But being as shy as she was, she didn't want to go. A few years later, we found a small dance company close to home and enrolled her in jazz class instead. Some days were harder than other...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Jul 28, 2016

$5000 Small Bathroom Renovation With Unavoidable Surprises

HOW TO RENOVATE A SMALL BATHROOM ON A BUDGET   Please don’t be alarmed by my renovation sarcasm hidden in this post but it gets depressing as a homeowner to find so many problems with the biggest investment of your life. Even though we pai...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on Jul 28, 2016

How to Spend 24 hours in Québec City

Québec City is a stunning town in the French province of Canada. With cobbled streets, enticing cafes and art around every corner, this compact city offers a divine combination of boutique European style and Canadian tradition. My first visit to Can...
by Eppie on Jul 28, 2016


Born in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada Jessica Cameron has been in so many horror films since beginning her career with the horror short Solitude of Love in 2008 that she has earned the nickname “The Sultana of Splat”. At the risk of carpal...
by Written in Blood on Jul 28, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Will Come With 3,500 mAh Battery

Samsung is expected to launch their next flagship smartphone in less than a week from now and we pretty much know almost everything about the phone thanks to recent leaks. The Note lineup tends to come with larger than normal battery sizes to cope wi...
by Android Match on Jul 28, 2016

Federal court orders 2 Canadian banks to hand over Cayman bank info to CRA

The Trudeau government has won a round in its battle against offshore tax cheats.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 27, 2016

Canadian police launch probe into black man’s death

Canadian police officers Dave Weir (L), and Daniel Montsion (C) are seen kneeling by Abdirahman Abdi outside his apartment building on Hilda Street, on July 24, 2016.

Canada must examine why it tops opioid-consuming countries: Health Minister Jane Philpott

It remains a mystery why Canada and the U.S. are the world’s heaviest opioid users, but Health Minister Jane Philpott says divining the answer may hold the key to solving what she considers a national public health crisis. Read more here: CBC &...
by Celebrity gossip news on Jul 27, 2016

What Every Grocery Store Clerk Wants Customers To Know : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #4 July 25-31

There likely isn’t one grocery store clerk out there that hasn’t bitten their tongue when dealing with customers who don’t follow the rules or simply make up their own rules when grocery shopping. It’s been said that if you do...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on Jul 26, 2016

Warning! Wanderlust Adventure Ahead

When my daughter, Courtney, asked if I’d be interested in going to Wanderlust, I said, “Sure!” I’m always up for traveling, but had no idea what she was talking about. Last week, she sent me a video of a class we’ll be taking. I laughed unt...
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Jul 26, 2016

How To Save Money Buying Fresh Flowers

The Power Of Flowers Is Priceless   From roses and tulips to orchid’s and pansies, flowers have a powerful way of brightening someone’s day. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or you just simply want to make someone smile...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on Jul 25, 2016

Google Phone App Updated To Detect Spam Callers

Say goodbye to those pesky spam callers bothering you during the day as Google has updated their stock phone dialer app.With Caller ID enabled, the app will do an instant lookup of the phone number and then notify the user if the number has been repo...
by Android Match on Jul 25, 2016

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