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Call For Hydration With Pure+Simple Organic Rosehip Face Oil

My love of natural skincare and general quest for a healthier lifestyle has introduced me to several amazing brands that would have been otherwise overlooked had I not done the necessary research. In the past few years I have found myself paying clos...
by The Canadian Princeza on Oct 26, 2013

Canadian Beauty - Marcelle Nutrilux Supreme Nourishing Hand Cream

*Warning - This post includes some personal, non-beauty content so if you are not into that, please click away and come back tomorrow for some more musings on the like! I am sure that the title of my blog The Canadian Princeza tells you that I...
by The Canadian Princeza on Sep 2, 2013

New Makeup & Skin Care | MAC, Caryl Baker, Lush + Valentino

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day... Happy Valentine's Day. I always get excited when I buy new makeup, so let's get started.  I got this perfume [Valentina Assoluto] as an early Valentine's Day gift. It has a lovely feminine scent to...
by Steal My Heart Lovee on Feb 13, 2013

MAC PRO Blushes

I was longing for extreme bright blushes.  I've always wanted to purchase MAC PRO Blushes, but I never got around to placing an order. Now, that I have my MAC Pro discount card, I purchased the ones that have been on my list for awhi...
by Steal My Heart Lovee on Feb 12, 2013

Ben Nye Powders

Ben Nye Powders are now a new favourite among many, but they've been around for quite some time. I purchased four Ben Nye powders in the shaker size, although they do come in a variety of sizes. 1 from the Bella Luxury Powder Line (Banana)...
by Steal My Heart Lovee on Feb 11, 2013

New Makeup | MAC, Make Up For Ever & Caryl Baker

I've been buying a lot of lipsticks lately.  It is my most purchased item makeup wise.  MAC has been coming out with many makeup collections (lol what's new?)  Strength and Apres Chic were two of the collections I bought lipsticks...
by Steal My Heart Lovee on Feb 11, 2013

Caryl Baker Lipsticks

[Left to Right]Kiss for the Cure, Morning After, Perfect Pout, Opposites Attract, Kiss Kiss & Mai Tai Quantity:  4g / 14oz Caryl Baker is a Canadian Cosmetic Company. Description & Benefits: Lipsticks are specially formulated with e...
by Steal My Heart Lovee on Jan 22, 2013

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