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Hidden & Candid Camera v3.12 Free Full Paid Apps

The app name is notepad after installed, this will help you to hide the purpose of this app. If you input a wrong password it will open a fake notepad app.
by clinicapk.NET on Aug 9, 2015


by RADIOSATELLITE on Jan 28, 2015

Real Models


Dancing to the beat of her own drum

You gotta love when you’re sitting near a glass door and the light hits it just right; the effect turns it into a one-way mirror of sorts. And that makes for perfect candid camera-ing of your four-year-old. I especially love from about :49 thro...
by is this REALLY my life? on Sep 21, 2011

Estonia Shocked Over Hospital Candid Camera Revelations

A swathe of candid camera reports revealing shocking treatment of patients in Estonian hospitals on Monday sparked calls for a massive shake-up in the Baltic state. “For all the years since Estonia regained independence from the Soviet Union in...
by Ibloghealth on May 16, 2011

“Paranoid” Series By Jack Vale

The idea for the “Paranoid” series was created and developed by Jack Vale. I think these people thought he was talking about them. LOL Paranoid 4… Paranoid 3… Paranoid 2… Paranoid… YouTube Video Information:...
by Joke Radar on Jan 9, 2011

Il rischio di un parcheggio.

Geniale. Una multisoggetto che ti fa veramente pisciare sotto dalle risate (qui ho messo solo due video, ma gli altri potete vederli sul nostro canale di youtube). Ideati per Europcar Francia, questi spot sono delle candid camera davvero ben pensate...
by STOP the SPOT on Dec 6, 2010

Death by candid camera: Voyeurism, Exhibitionism and the suicide of Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi was a freshman at Rutgers University whose sexual encounter with another young man was deliberately videostreamed over the internet without his knowledge, by his roommate and another freshman.  On discovering that this had occurre...
by The Pocket Psychologist on Oct 8, 2010

Vodafone, Candid Camera da 1 centesimo

Lo sapevate che da oggi con un centesimo si possono fare un sacco di cose? Tipo: mmm... Trovato: Riuscire a far fare l'attore di spot ad uno dei migliori calciatori italiani di tutti i tempi o chiamare dal proprio cellulare a patto che si abbia come...
by on Oct 6, 2010

Help Me Mr. Wizard!…

Candid Camera bit gets a funny result. These people practically kill each other trying to get away from trouble. Watch This Video...
by Baby Boomer Baloney on Sep 17, 2010

Waffle in the USA

I have no idea what my blog's going to be about tonight so it might just be about waffle.Dictionary definition of waffle is, "n. esp US a small crisp batter cake". Esp US ? well what about Canada. Has the Readers Digest Oxford Complete Word Finder go...
by Dressing Gown and Slippers on Jun 30, 2010


sometimes you feel the need to look around and try to find the hidden cameras. this was one such time.i was in the boss' firm so on the whole it was a fairly tense time. at least we didn't have to deal with too much lip from the students. they were t...
by other things amanzi on May 19, 2010

Marisa, lavori in corso in lingerie

Azione di guerrilla marketing davvero molto ben congeniata. Marisa è un marchio di abbigliamento uomo/donna, accessori e abbigliamento per la casa letto/bagno, ma soprattutto lingerie.
by on May 4, 2010

Who Gets Custody Of The Dog Semen?

From the "Why The Court System Is A Freaking Mess" File:Here's a little gem...Lawyers for Karen Scully and Anthony Scully appeared before a family court judge in Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac Michigan to argue over custody of:Dog Semen.The...
by fileunderi on Apr 10, 2009

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