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Download – Cd Miley Cyrus – Cant Be Tamed – 2010

by Modem Downloads on Jun 21, 2010

In "Can't Be Tamed" Miley pretended to kiss a lady!

Just to make everyone understand this song is ment to be aggressive and violent that explains the way she is dressed and the way she is dancing, if you look at her actions and listen to her lyrics a little more closely you can see where i am comming...
by Celebrity Digg on Jun 6, 2010

Act your age Miley!

How do you like your 17 year old girls? Boasting about how many guys they go through, how hot they are and how good they are with a pole (the thin silvery kind you get tips for working not an Eastern European)? Probably not, unless you're a 17 year...
by This Week's Best New Pop Song on May 20, 2010

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