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EU ‘kilometre tax’ plans spark anger in the Netherlands

A new EU plan to tax vehicles by the distance they drive has provoked some angry responses in the Netherlands.
by TaxWorldWeb on Sep 1, 2016

Tax new diesel cars up to £5,000 to cut pollution, says report

The purchase of highly polluting diesel cars in the UK should be discouraged with a tax of up to £5,000 to help tackle the public health emergency of air pollution, according to a new report.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 30, 2016

Aucklanders face new motorway tax of up to $2500 a year

Aucklanders face new motorway tax of up to $2500 a year. The Government wants to tax Aucklanders thousands of dollars a year just to use the motorway network, says Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 21, 2016

Vietnam’s tax plan on Uber ineffective: experts

The guidance on how Uber must fulfill its tax responsibility for operations in Vietnam is said by experts to be feeble, and ultimately add nothing to state coffers.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 15, 2016

1 per cent tax to be levied on car purchase via cash

Buyers of cars and premium two-wheelers who pay more than Rs 2 lakh of purchase price in cash will be levied 1 per cent tax as part of the government’s drive to stifle the black economy .
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 9, 2016

Diesel prices may rise as government considers reversing tax cuts

Diesel car owners could face steeper prices at petrol pumps after the government said it was considering reversing tax cuts brought in by Gordon Brown.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 7, 2016

Revenues plummet after car tax discs scrapped

The amount of vehicle tax collected in the UK fell by more than £200m in the six months after the tax disc was abolished, figures show.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 7, 2016

Kenya: KRA Probes Tax Status for 124 Top-of-the-Range Vehicles

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has issued a recall notice for 124 high-end vehicles to facilitate a review of their tax status.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 15, 2016

Tax Break Fuels China Car Sales in April

China’s car sales accelerated in April as a tax break continued to encourage buyers, which eased some pressure on dealers grappling with high inventory levels.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 11, 2016

Buyers to pay 1 per cent tax on vehicles priced over Rs 10 lakh

Buyers of automobiles costing over Rs 10 lakh will have to shell out the 1 per cent tax which will be collected by the seller from now on.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 5, 2016

Germany plans to boost electric cars via tax exemption – newspaper

Germany’s coalition parties plan to boost demand for electric cars by exempting them from vehicle tax, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily reported on Wednesday, citing coalition sources.
by TaxWorldWeb on Apr 20, 2016

Germany Said to Move Toward Electric-Car Tax Break to Spur Sales

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is edging toward tax incentives for electric cars after months of bickering over how to boost sales of the vehicles in Europe’s biggest economy, according to a person familiar with the matter.
by TaxWorldWeb on Mar 9, 2016

ax of 1% on cars above Rs 10 lakh may impact business, says Mahindra

The 1% tax collection at source (TCS) on luxury cars priced above Rs 10 lakh announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Budget 2016-17 could impact ease of doing business, according to home-grown auto major Mahindra & Mahindra.
by TaxWorldWeb on Mar 2, 2016

‘Drivers getting a raw deal’ as tax take approaches €5bn

Petrol and diesel is being taxed as if they were champagne and caviar, it’s been claimed.
by TaxWorldWeb on Feb 2, 2016

China car sales accelerate after tax cuts

Chinese car manufacturers are predicting 6 per cent sales growth for 2016, thanks to a stimulus package of tax cuts that reversed what had been flat or declining figures last year.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jan 12, 2016

New tax on cars offsets custom exemptions on European models

As the automotive sector awaits the new customs reductions on European car models by 2016, rumours emerged suggesting that the state will impose a new tax on cars within days as part of the new automotive industry strategy.
by TaxWorldWeb on Dec 28, 2015

Ministers lose £80m in revenue after scrapping car tax discs

The government looks to have lost as much as £80m of revenue as a result of its decision to scrap car tax discs a year ago. The move has also led to a doubling in the number of unlicensed vehicles on British roads.
by TaxWorldWeb on Nov 27, 2015

China auto sales rise most in 10 months after tax cut

China’s passenger-vehicle sales rose at the fastest pace in 10 months after the government cut a tax on purchases, benefiting carmakers like Great Wall Motor Co. and adding to evidence that demand is rebounding in the world’s largest auto...
by TaxWorldWeb on Nov 11, 2015

Gov’t looks to scale back tax cut for eco-cars

The government plans to extend a tax reduction for environmentally friendly vehicles by one year through fiscal 2016 but apply it to a narrower scope of cars, sources close to the matter said.
by TaxWorldWeb on Oct 26, 2015

New excise tax won’t hurt PPV sales

Japanese car maker Toyota Motor Thailand expects the passenger pickup vehicle (PPV) market to remain healthy despite the 5-10% rise in the price of vehicles, or more than 100,000 baht, next year due to the new excise tax.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 16, 2015

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