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cartier bangle profassional website

Cartier titanium steel vacuum Button bracelet of ion plating mat• Brand: cartier• corlor:golden• Material: Titanium Steel(never fade!)• applicable to the crowd: Female• Style: Europe and the United States• size: Width 7 mm diameter, 46...
by bvlgari jewellery on Jun 28, 2010

cartier jewellery of earrings

these are a part of cartier earringsi hope you love cartier earringsCartier double heart diamond stud earringsCartier elegant diamond stud earringsCartier heart diamond stud earrings rose goldCartier luxury diamond earrings Givenchy classic style...
by bvlgari jewellery on Jun 20, 2010

Cartier Art Treasures Exhibition: Fashion Century Performing Arts Calendar

As a leader in the arts of vision, Cartier since founding it has been the close attention of fashion and cultural trends of the change of evolution, and the deadline for its exquisite and innovative technology, lead in jewellery in the history of a U...
by bvlgari jewellery on May 11, 2010

cartier love series

Twentieth century sixties and the seventies, "Love and Peace" theme in the repertoire for the world wide. Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo to make people regain faith in love and commitment, in 1969 at the Kadi Ianiu about studio design can express love...
by bvlgari jewellery on Apr 8, 2010

Cartier jewellery treasures

High jewellery is not just a boring brilliant dark world, they are expensive but have the same spirit of innovation and interesting. Consummate craft, novel design, perfect quality, the Classic and through Code combination in this animated interp...
by bvlgari jewellery on Mar 29, 2010

Cartier Avenue New York location in March 5th

Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Fran? François Cartier when he took over the workshop of his master. [1] In 1874, his son, Alfred Cartier took over the management of the company, but children was Alfred Louis, Pierre and Jacques, w...
by bvlgari jewellery on Mar 18, 2010

cartier jewellery on Film Festival

Shanda's Cannes Film Festival on May 13 began. In this global film carnival people feast on the Cartier jewellery masterpiece shines bright pleasing as a number of first-line choice for actress's love. May 17, the British temperament Weisz (Rachel W...
by bvlgari jewellery on Mar 15, 2010

Cartier born

In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier took over his teacher Adolphe Picard Street Montorgueil in Paris on the 29th Workshop of Jewelry, Cartier jewellery was born on this brand. The real luxury of this brand to the throne, is in 1904 Cartier f...
by jewellery on May 14, 2009

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