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Casio TRYX Earns Guinness World Records Accolade

Casio America, Inc. and its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., proudly announce that TRYX™ has been named the “World’s Most Adjustable Digital Camera” by Guinness World Records. The 12.1 megapixel camera, which appears in the 2012 e...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Casio debuts Prizm graphing calculator

Texas Instruments recently rocked the graphing calculator world by adding a touchpad to its TI-Nspire calculator, and Casio has now come back with a technological revolution of its own: a high-res color screen. Of course, a 3.7-inch, 384 X 216 disp...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Casio's Bluetooth 4.0 G-Shock

The latest G-Shock watch from Casio boasts the usual array of shock and water-resistant claims, and now it can add FCC acceptance to the list, having passed through that government agency's approval process. So, why did this wristwatch hit the FC...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Microsoft and Casio enter cross licensing agreement

World wonders if Casio actually makes Linux-based devices.If you happen to be making devices that run on Linux -- of which Android is a subset -- odds are pretty good that you'll be getting a phone call from Redmond at some point. And that's just w...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Casio Tryx (EX-TR100)

Given the sheer quantity of marketing muscle that Casio put behind the Tryx, you'd think the company was gearing up to rival Nikon and Canon in the DSLR space. Instead, out popped the outre device you see above. Without qualification, this is one...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Casio G'zOne Commando

For years, construction workers, thrill-seekers, and everyone else unfettered by cubicle walls have had rubberized, rugged handsets to keep them company on the road. Until fairly recently, though, the price of durability has been settling for a du...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Magic Watch Casio

Just when we were beginning to think that the well of watch innovation had run dry, Casio comes along and renews our faith in multi-use timepieces, with a watch that not only tells time, but does magic! The appropriately-named Casio Magic Watch wa...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Casio's solar-powered Pathfinder watch

Plotting their latest spread of watches this spring, Casio executives decided it was time to "go green." Some poor schmuck in R&D took them at their word. Thankfully for mother nature, the Casio Pathfinder PRG110C-3 is more than meets the eye;...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

Casio's Poptone Cubic Puzzle watch

Alright, so Casio's new Poptone Cubic Puzzle watch may not actually contain any puzzles (or games of any sort, for that matter), but it does boasts some buttons that kind of, sort of resemble Tetris pieces, and it in comes in blue, which is good e...
by arloji casio on Oct 16, 2011

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