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74 Years Old Muhammad Ali Dies

74 Years Old Muhammad Ali Dies Self acclaimed world greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali Dies at 74 after failing to respond to treatment after being rush to the hospital. The former world heavyweight champion Ali, who became famous for his record...
by on Jun 4, 2016

‘En la cima del mundo’

CUADERNO DE ROBOS XII Hace décadas que se convirtió en un mito.  Probablemente, muchos de quienes tuitean sus frases ignoran que aún está vivo, pero todos los días sus citas recorren Twitter con la velocidad de uno de sus puñetazos. Siempre...
by despuesdelhipopotamo on Dec 10, 2013

Ali: “The Only Religion that Matters”

“I’ve seen the whole world. I learn somethin’ from people everywhere. There’s truth in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, all religions. And in just plain talkin’. The only religion that matters is the real religion –...
by Blog of the Dead Dog Barking on Oct 30, 2010

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