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The Animal Sounds: Black Cat Meows - Sound Effect - Animation

Black Cat Meows...
by Fin Fan Fun Photo & Video on Aug 3, 2016

The Animal Sounds: Cat Speak - Sound Effect - Animation

Cat Speak#FinFanFun...
by Fin Fan Fun Photo & Video on Jul 13, 2016

Puppy Tries to Reclaim Bed From Unimpressed Cat

Puppy Tries to Reclaim Bed From Unimpressed Cat...
by VHIZZ on Jul 6, 2016

Eid Mubarak Video Song Free Download 2016 - Mubarak Eid Mubarak/Mubarik Eid Mubarik/Mubaarak Eid Mubaarak Full HD Videos for Whatsapp, FB

Eid Mubarak Video Song Free Download 2016 - Mubarak Eid Mubarak/Mubarik Eid Mubarik/Mubaarak Eid Mubaarak Full HD Videos for Whatsapp, FB:- Hii as we know  the Festival of Eid is just coming and few days are left for it, and for the occasion of...

The Ultimate Viral Cat Video

The Ultimate Viral Cat Video...
by VHIZZ on Apr 25, 2016


A compilation of very funny pictures of cats that i'm sure it will give you a good laugh or two, enjoy!
by N3OS3R on Sep 1, 2015

The LG 4K TV -- Must-See Technology! Plus, a Giveaway #MyPetLovesLG4KTV

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by LG 4K TV and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping to share the funny cat and dog video and awesome giveaway, but MomsWhoSave only shares information we feel is relevan...
by Blog on Dec 11, 2014

Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship. (Wordless Wednesday)

by Sheba's Life Story on May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mischa!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISCHA! APRIL fifteenth was my beloved Mischa’s birthday.  *Drum roll, please.*  He is now fifteen years old! But I think we can all agree he doesn’t look a day over eight.  And for those of you …...
by Kisses & Chaos on Apr 18, 2014

AWW Mondays: Sharing

We always share the computer chair (Manny Boy and Karen)Speaking of sharing, you have to see this skateboarding cat: up with Aww Mondays and M...
by Karen & Gerard Zemek on Mar 3, 2014

Goma Wants Turkey!—VIDEO

Goma goes absolutely TURKEY with... well Turkey. He can hear a mile away when I make sandwich and he knows he can get some. Look at his determined face. He will never stand on two feet unless turkey involved...Is your cat Turkey lover too??
by My Himalayan Cat Goma Blog on Feb 15, 2014

Look After Your Garden Birds

Featured Post. Sir David Attenborough recently warned that cats kill an extraordinarily high number of birds in British gardens – Up to 55 million are killed by cats every year in the UK! It’s quite shocking! If you’re a cat lover or ga...
by Honest Mum on Dec 16, 2013

Cat is Entertained by the Vacuum

I have never seen a feline so bold with a vacuum before, so I had to share. I love how he puts his face on the opening of the tube, and when it sucks he bats at it as if to say “hey! don’t vacuum my chin!” SOOOOO cute! What … Con...
by Kritters that Twitter on Oct 5, 2013

Kitty Cat Sweep

Do your kitties love the vacuum?  Abigail and Finnegan cannot stand the sound of the vacuum cleaner which made this video especially amazing to me!  And he seems to absolutely love being swept all over hiz floofybelly!  ...
by Kritters that Twitter on May 17, 2013

This Post Was Almost Cute.

  So Mischa and I were going about our daily morning routine when I decided to catch it on video…of course the second I start rolling, he stops being cute.  Of course.  So instead of a video of Mischa doing … Continue reading →Th...
by Kisses & Chaos on Apr 9, 2013

Spunky Doodle and The Table Runner

This is a fun video of my mom giving me rides on the table runner. I like crawling under things and pouncing on them.  The table runner is one of my favorite toys, especially when my mom plays too and makes it move! Hope you have a good time w...
by Karen & Gerard Zemek on Mar 10, 2013

Aww Mondays: Bye, Bye Birdie

Ah, it doesn't get any better than this.Manny Boy was enjoying watching the bird out our front window, but then it flew away!    (This is why we do not have a bird!)  Spunky likes watching the birdies too.  Some sparrows built a l...
by Karen & Gerard Zemek on Feb 25, 2013

5 Secrets of Internet Cat Video Producers

It seems that everyday, some new cat video goes viral and takes over the internet for a few days, weeks or months. Cats are becoming a subject of much interest as certain stereotypes about their personalities are beginning to be broken. More people a...
by Petcare on Jan 17, 2013

How To Get Your Cats To Come

The video above shows five different ways I use to get my cats to come. Note, not all cats will respond to all these ways. Both my cats, (Spunky Doodle and Manny Boy) come when I rattle their food bags or when I eat fish. Spunky Doodle will respon...
by Karen & Gerard Zemek on Jan 8, 2013

Spunky Doodle At Play: The Whack and Knock It Game

Spunky DoodleThis is my most favorite game to play. I like chasing a little wad of paper on the bed, or a string is good too, but it's even more amusing for me to knock it off the counter and watch my CPA (Cat's Personal Assistant) fetch it back for...
by Karen & Gerard Zemek on Oct 23, 2012

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