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How is Cancer Caused

Cancer Causes :Cancer is caused due to damage to the structure of DNA that governs the process of cell division. This may have happened as a result of different activities like smoking, working in unhealthy circumstances etc, so that cancer causing a...
by All Type Of Cancer Diseases on Apr 4, 2016

Bladder Cancer Causes

Causes of Bladder Cancer:There can be various factors which leads to Bladder Cancer.The first being with the growing age of a person.Secondly; high intake of fried meat and animal fat on daily diet increases the risk of this form of cancer.Smoking is...
by All Type Of Cancer Diseases on Mar 16, 2016

Causes Of Cancer

1. Smoking2. Working in hazardous environments without proper safety measure e-g an a plant that treats nuclear watses, or a plant that produces chemical based artificial dyes.3. Age, Sex and Ethinicity of the person4. History of cancer in the family...
by All Type Of Cancer Diseases on Nov 28, 2015

Awakening Your Super Genes For A Happy & Healthy Life

Most of us believe that our genes are similar to a cosmic lottery. Some get lucky and are born with healthy and strong genes—others not so much. If we are fortunate enough to have parents who’ve lived a vibrant and … Continue reading →...
by SMART Living 365 on Oct 29, 2015

Symptoms And Cure Of Heart Disease In Women

It is fact that risk of heart failure is more in men as compared to women. In movies we always see a scene in which a man is dying with a hand on his chest that is because of heart attack. But it does not mean that women are risk free of this disease...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jan 9, 2014

What Are the Treatment Options for Stage 0 Breast Cancer?

During past decade there are some health abnormalities that have increased to such an extent that more than one third of population becomes victim of these ailments on annual basis. Although due to advancement in medical science technology number of...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Sep 4, 2013

5 Reasons You Might Not Have Thought About Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, one of the best decisions you can make is to try and quit the habit. Most people know that smoking is associated with diseases such as throat cancer. However, the fact of the matter is smoking the regular cigarettes is associated...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Aug 31, 2013

What are the Foremost types of Cancer?

The cancer is of many types, and it can appear in any part of the body and makes the body weak, and frail. This is not it; it also causes the body to stop functioning properly, and accurately. The focal types of cancer are as follows: Skin cancer - t...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Aug 5, 2013

What are the main causes of the Skin Cancer?

The causes of the skin cancer are those factors which make the skin prone to the cancer and the cancerous infections. The risk factors for every type of cancer are different from each other. And the reasons for these types of cancers are also differe...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Aug 5, 2013

How Cancer Impacts the Stomach – Causes and Symptoms

The cancer is the abnormal growth of the cells, which causes them to take a shape of tumor. These cells keep on replicating due to the adverse body conditions. Similar is the stomach cancer, during the stomach cancer, the cells of the stomach start r...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Aug 5, 2013

What are the imperative signs of leukemia?

Leukemia is the imbalanced production of the blood cells, which is abnormal and in the early stage of the maturation process. These leukemia cells are sometimes non functional and are unusable for the healthy job of the body’s healthy blood cells.
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Aug 5, 2013

How is Lymphoma Treated – Treatment for Lymphoma

The treatment of the blood cancer depends upon the type of cancer, and the stages of cancer, the age of the patient, health status, whether or not the person has received previous cancer treatment and some additional characteristics of the personal.
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Aug 4, 2013

What is ovarian Cancer – Definition, Symptoms and Types

The ovaries are the main reproductive organ among the females and are necessary for the production of a fertile and healthy egg to reproduce a baby. The ovary is one of the most sensitive organs among the females, and this needs proper attention and...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jul 22, 2013

What Is Lung Cancer? – Causes and Classification

What Is Lungs Cancer: the lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of the cells, which is abnormal growth of the cells. This starts off from the one lung and then spread over the other lung. And the cells which get the lung cancer are the cells which...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jul 20, 2013

3 Types of Blood Cancer

Types of blood cancer are the mainly three, and are very commonly found among those who suffer from the blood cancer. Basically when we see that the blood caner is attacking the body’s cells. It is actually triggering the normal and the healthy bod...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jun 30, 2013

Amazing And Effective Blood Cancer Treatment

The blood cancer is the most chronic type of cancer, which causes the body to frail and die. There are much less people who survive from the blood cancer, because this is really difficult to detect and very expensive to treat. The reason why people h...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jun 29, 2013

6 Types of Lymphoma Cancer

The Lymphocytes are the main white blood cells in the blood which form the major part of it. The basic and the most important function of the lymphocytes is the fight against the foreign body which harm the body. It is actually fed in the body that w...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jun 28, 2013

9 Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma Cancer

The lymphoma cancer is the type of blood cancer which impacts the white blood cells in the body, and these white blood cells are necessary for the body to support the defense system of the body. The defense system is necessary for the body to watch t...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Jun 28, 2013

The Risks Factors of Breast Cancer

A risk, in the most general of terms, is anything that may affect an individual of getting a disease. As there are many different versions of cancer, so too are there different versions of cancer. For example being a smoker can raise the chances of g...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Apr 17, 2013

8 Simple Steps for a Testicular Self Examination

Why not defeat the cancerous foe with your own simple but wonderfully effective technical might? Yes, you can protect yourself against heinous testicular cancer while being your own examiner just once a month!With such an easy technique, you can recl...
by Smerete Healthy Foods on Apr 2, 2013

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