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Naomi Campbell’s billionaire lover still with his wife

[HMG Celebrity News] – After being dragged into court last July to explain allegedly receiving illegal diamonds, Naomi Campbell’s new year is not looking better; Her billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin spent the holidays with his wife...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Jan 3, 2011

Courteney Cox, Brian Van Holt getting cozy, David Arquette in denial

[HMG Celebrity News] – As you know, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are now mulling divorce. But Courteney is clearly not letting the grass grow in her emotional life – She and ‘Cougar Town’ co-star Brian Van Holt are quite clear...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Dec 27, 2010

Julia Styles the ‘other woman’ in Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter split?

(HMG Celebrity News) – Now that Michael C. Hall has recently filed for divorce from his Dexter co-star wife, Jennifer Carpenter, the rumors are starting on what caused the split. I am not really totally buying this one, but Julia Stiles was add...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Dec 16, 2010

Caught in apparent affair, Elizabeth Hurley admits marriage is on the rocks

(HMG Celebrity News) – Wow The News of the World had another of their famous Sunday bombshells. They have pictures and video of  Elizabeth Hurley who is still officially married, getting affectionate with Australian cricketer Shane Warn, and t...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Dec 13, 2010

David Beckham hit by new cheating claims

[HMG Celebrity News] – Just six weeks after being hit by unproven allegations of extramarital affairs, soccer star David Beckham is facing a new batch of claims. Papers filed in a California court last week by ‘In Touch’ magazine an...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 29, 2010

Fantasia Barrino faces wronged wife in court, admits she got pregnant by her married lover

[HMG Celebrity News] – We recently reported how American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino attempted suicide after the wife of her lover, Antwaun Cook discovered their affair. Now she claims she was also pregnant by him, and had an abortion. The ne...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 23, 2010

Eva Longoria played Tony Parker divorce for PR

[HMG Celebrity News] – If you thought the divorce between Tony Parker and Eve Longoria was being played for the press, it seems you’re dead right – Eva didn’t just want a divorce, she wanted Tony shamed in the media for his textua...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 18, 2010

Tiger Woods tells ESPN he’s been reborn

[HMG Celebrity News] – After what may be the most scandal-filled year in celebrity history, Tiger Woods has confessed that all the drama has made him an entirely new man. In an interview this morning on on ESPN Radio‘s “Mike and Mik...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 18, 2010

Gordon Ramsey’s ex-mistress ‘reaches out’ to wronged wife

[HMG Celebrity News] – When Hell’s Kitchen star, Gordon Ramsey got caught in an affair he initially denied it. Then he confessed. Now the woman with whom he was cheating, Sarah Symonds has written an open letter to his wife – blaming Go...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 15, 2010

Rachel Uchitel in revealing interview says no more married men – plans to be private dick

(HMG Celebrity News) – Interesting interview with Rachel Uchitel in this past weekend’s Sunday Mail.  So why is she speaking out now almost a year since last Thanksgiving’s meltdown between Tiger and wife Elin, which was triggered...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus’ Mom Affair With Bret Michaels Broke up Marriage?

by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 3, 2010

Miley Cyrus’ Mom Had Affair With Bret Michaels?

by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Nov 3, 2010

LeAnn Rimes cover draws Shape Magazine mea culpa

[HMG Celebrity Gossip] – LeAnn Rimes has endured some unkind press since her affair with Eddie Cibrian was exposed, but when Shape Magazine put Rimes on the cover their readers were so incensed the magazine staff had to apologize. The story beg...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 29, 2010

Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress fakes pregnancy tale

[HMG Celebrity News] – As you’ll recall, Ashton Kutcher was recently the focus of stories that he slept with another woman while wife, Demi Moore was out of town. Well, that woman,  Brittney Jones is now trying to sell another story clai...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 29, 2010

Tiger Woods book claims 3-ways, calls Elin a ‘gold-digger’

[HMG Celebrity News] – In what may be only the first in a torrent of immodest, inarticulate, ghost-written greed one of Tiger Woods alleged lady-friends, Loredana Jolie, is releasing a tell-all book, and she claims it’s explosive. Bearing...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 24, 2010

Alleged mistress that broke up Donnie Wahlberg marriage, pregnant with his child?

(HMG Celebrity Gossip) – New Kids on the Block star Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Kim Fey finalized their long-simmering divorce after nine years of marriage, on Sept. 28 of this year and a new tabloid story seems to indicate he’s been bus...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 22, 2010

Tiger Woods Covered For Dad’s Affair(s) says new book

[HMG Celebrity News] – When the Tiger Woods scandal broke on November 25 of last year a lot of people asked how his beloved father would feel about all that mess. The answer appears to be ‘jealous.’ Tiger and his dad, Earl Woods wer...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 18, 2010

Elin Nordegren got $110m in Tiger Woods split, sources confirm

[HMG Celebrity News] – After one of the longest, most public divorces in modern history, one of the few secrets left has now been revealed – The settlement received by Elin Nordegren from her ex, Tiger Woods was a cool $110 million. But frien...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 17, 2010

National Enquirer Allegedly Gets Theirs Hands On Morgan Freeman’s Divorce Details

The National Enquirer has claimed that they got hold of a source that had the details of the Morgan Freeman divorce settlement. Highly secretive, there were rumors that ex-wife Myrna got $175 million in cash and property. But the N.E. says the sum is...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 13, 2010

Gavin Rossdale Says He Regrets Opening Up To Gay Affair

Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush, and husband of superstar Gwen Stefani, has admitted that he regrets confirming his homosexual affair with 80’s pop singer Marilyn.  Boy George first wrote about Rossdale and Marilyn in his 1995 book, “Tak...
by Hot Momma Celebrity Gossip on Oct 12, 2010

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