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Fake News and the Coming Era of Censorship

Have you heard the term “fake news” yet? If you haven’t, then believe me, you will. It will become as ubiquitous and misused as such stalwarts like “hate speech” and “terrorism” are. It will be [...] The post Fake News and the Coming Er...
by Politics As Unusual on Dec 12, 2016


by The Politics of Everything on Dec 6, 2016

China Is Censoring People's Chats Without Them Even Knowing About It

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: A new study from The Citizen Lab, a research group at the University of Toronto, reveals that censorship on WeChat occurs primarily in group chats rather than one-on-one chats between two people, and o...
by Futuristic Car Design on Dec 2, 2016

-Obama’s ‘Internet Giveaway’ Could Lead to U.N. Control?

It doesn’t make any sense, but President Obama has insisted that the US give up its control over the Internet. Nevertheless, it is scheduled by Executive Order to happen a month from now on September 30, 2016. Now it comes out that the United Natio...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Aug 29, 2016

Chased Off of YouTube, Leaked 'No Man's Sky' Footage Runs to Pornhub

An anonymous reader quotes Vice:I always feel a little dirty when I look at leaked footage of any kind, but rarely so much as when I brought up Pornhub yesterday to check out a video featuring the hyped space exploration game No Man's Sky... I had to...
by Remote Network on Jul 31, 2016

"Why Our Children Should Hate Us" - Read The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

Mike KreigerLiberty Blitzkrieg  Although Lance Simmens has been intimately involved in public life for several decades, you’ve probably never heard of him. As such, a little introduction is needed.As mentioned, Lance Simmens’ career w...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jul 30, 2016

A “Day of Creativity” for Poet Ashraf Fayadh

Supporting the work of Ashraf Fayadh, who is serving time in prison for writing his poetry.
by Book Riot on Jul 28, 2016

Facebook Admits Blocking WikiLeaks' DNC Email Links, But Won't Say Why

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook has admitted it blocked links to WikiLeaks' DNC email dump, but the company has yet to explain why. WikiLeaks has responded to the censorship via Twitter, writing: "For those facing censorship on Facebook etc when...
by Remote Network on Jul 25, 2016

Massive Assault On Free Speech

Love him or hate him, this guy speaks the unvarnished truth …… about a lot of very important social and political matters State of the Nation The permanent ban by Twitter of Milo Yiannopoulos represents one of the most blatant assaults...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jul 22, 2016

Starbucks and McDonald's Announce Porn Blocks On Their Wi-Fi Networks

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNN Money: Anti-pornography groups have succeeded in their efforts to get Starbucks and McDonald's to block porn on the chains' Wi-Fi networks..."We had not heard from our customers that this was an issue, but...
by Remote Network on Jul 16, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Blocked In Turkey During Reported Coup Attempt

An anonymous reader writes: In response to an attempted military coup, the Turkish government has reportedly blocked social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. TechCrunch reports: "Turkey Blocks, a Twitter account that regularly chec...
by Remote Network on Jul 15, 2016

UK Proposes Mandatory Age Verification For Porn Sites

A proposed bill read in the House of Commons, "suggests that by next year websites will require visitors to prove they are of legal age before entering..." reports the Mirror. Britain's prime minister "says none of Britain's top 10 porn sites -- whic...
by Remote Network on Jul 10, 2016

UN Council: Seriously, Nations, Stop Switching Off the Internet!

An anonymous reader writes: "The United Nations officially condemned the practice of countries shutting down access to the internet at a meeting of the Human Rights Council on Friday," reports the Register newspaper, saying Friday's resolution "effec...
by Remote Network on Jul 3, 2016

Federal regulation of Internet coming, warn FCC, FEC commissioners

Washington Examiner Democrats targeting content and control of the Internet, especially from conservative sources, are pushing hard to layer on new regulations and even censorship under the guise of promoting diversity while policing bullying...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jul 1, 2016

Subaru SiriusXM Censorship Uncensored – Think of the Children, Alright?

An article entitled “Subaru to SiriusXM Subscribers: Stop Listening to Comedy” from a website called has been making the rounds on social media lately. It talks about an oddity with Subaru-vehicle satellite radios, where they...
by My Information on Jun 30, 2016

Google and Facebook May Be Suppressing 'Extremist' Speech With Copyright Scanners

An anonymous reader quotes this article from The Verge: The systems that automatically enforce copyright laws on the internet may be expanding to block unfavorable speech. Reuters reports that Facebook, Google, and other companies are exploring autom...
by Remote Network on Jun 26, 2016

How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

US News Google, Inc., isn't just the world's biggest purveyor of information; it is also the world's biggest censor.The company maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives, generally without input or authority from any ou...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 23, 2016

The New Censorship: 'How Did Google Become The Internet's Censor and Master Manipulator?'

An anonymous reader writes: Robert Epstein from U.S. News and World Report writes an article describing how Google has become the internet's censor and master manipulator. He writes about the company's nine different blacklists that impact our lives:...
by Remote Network on Jun 22, 2016

“Stories Will Help You Understand Yourself”: An Interview About Censorship with Kate Messner

Award-winning middle grade author Kate Messner talks with us about censorship, why tough books matter, & how young (and old!) readers build empathy muscles.
by Book Riot on Jun 16, 2016

Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 68, Censorship and Geek Culture

In which, Tracy and Dude follow up on the previous podcast on freedom of speech with a podcast on censorship and how it is different for geek culture than it is in the larger American culture.  We discuss the difference … Continue reading U...
by Therefore I Geek on Jun 14, 2016

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