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Turning a 60's pop band into a cookin' 70's R&B group in about 50 (or more) steps.

It is the rarity for music groups to keep the same lineup over the course of it's history. Reasons include (but not exclusive to):Sick of being poorSick of travelingSick of bandmatesSick of abusing substancesSick of corporate runaroundsSick of being...

Chaka Kahn – I Feel For You

Hello, everyone! It’s Thursday, you all know what means, right? Time for a throwback music video! I want to go back to the 80′s! Don’t you all agree that dance music sound more joyful than the mainstream music nowadays? I think so! This is...
by ITSLEANDER.NET | By Leander on May 22, 2014

NEWS: Obama starts to pick stars to perform at the inaugural

report from foxnews.comWhich stars are going to play at the 10 official Inaugural balls? Sources tell me that it was only this weekend that President-elect Barack Obama’s Inaugural committee started sending inquiries to potential music...
by Fire & Ice on Jan 5, 2009

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