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Changing Strings

I look forward to changing strings because it is a time to reflect on what progress I have made since the last time I changed strings. Also it is a time to clean and lubricate some parts on your guitar. I will detail how I change strings on my Mullen...
by Steel Guitar Passion on Jul 8, 2013

Learn How to Setup and Maintain Your Guitar

If you start playing guitar regularly you will inevitably be confronted with maintaining and adjusting your guitar. At the very least you will be changing strings (unless you’re like a guy I know who didn’t change strings on his strat for...
by osiris guitar on May 18, 2012

How To Change Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

Old guitar strings may break or lose their tone and become harder to keep in tune. You might feel comfortable at first having a teacher or someone at a music store change your strings for you, but eventually you will need to know how to do it yoursel...
by The Rock House Blog on Mar 11, 2010

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