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The Great Terrorist Trump Con or America's Greatest Shell Game

Let's face it people, Trump, is a terrorist. And not a very bright one, regardless of his narcissistic view of himself. He's earned the venom some feel for him as well as the ridicule.No. No sir, it is not. I'm sure it's mostly average if anything.Te...
by Murdockinations on Aug 8, 2016

Could Someone Please Buy Poseur Donald Trump a Clue?

Donald Trump is factually challenged. I guess that's a nice way to speak about his colossal ignorance on so many subjects. For example.On The O'Reilly factor tonight, Donald Trump said of Afghanistan: "That's one place frankly instead of going to Ir...
by Proof Positive on Apr 28, 2016

A Beautiful Life…Except For The Movies 3329

At dinner, Blake told me that the script for “Holy Sinner” is very well-written and that the lead character is something else. “He’s a con man preacher who gets involved with redneck gangsters, which ends in bloodshed, but it&...
by Scragg Man on Dec 3, 2014

Buy, Borrow, Bypass [Pseudoscience Edition!]

There are an awful lot of academic fields which I adore, but forced to pick one, I go for anthropology. Happily, it’s such a big grey field that it winds up encompassing all the others sooner or later anyway. I love it, the study of people, how...
by Book Riot on Jan 24, 2013

SE VA METE! – Salim y JB – Charlatan (Prod By Cloro Music Group) (Descargar/MP3)

Descargar/Bajar: Salim y JB –...
by BlokeReal on May 19, 2012

QUE JUMO! – Portada ”Salim y JB” con un jumo fuertisimo, para su tema ”Charlatan”. Estreno HOY

by BlokeReal on May 18, 2012

What a Debase at MD Writer Crab Confection Told Me

Titled headache hurt. “My son was in the MD Crab Relate physical and just moved two weeks for the undocumented.” I met him at his hotel near the root of the movement of port inspection. He said the family had heard of Glycemic, the subjec...
by Health & Fitness on Mar 26, 2012

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