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Rose Wine Recommendations

Rose wine always a favorite of mine for years and will drink it year around.  I wish to dispel the …Continue reading →...
by Market and Meridian on Jul 6, 2014

Dikembe Mutombo 1, Dennis Rodman 0, North Korea?

North Korean food for thought!Dennis Rodman and five other former NBA players are traveling to North Korea to play an exhibition against the North Korean Senior National Team in celebration of Kim Jong Un's birthday!What the hell are they thinking an...
by The Political Commentator on Jan 6, 2014

Family Pet Food Safe-Keeping Jar

by gigifung76 Family Pet Food Safe-Keeping Jar Article by Charles Smith If we buy dog food, mostly purchasing in vast quantities is between a most appropriate ways to do it. Unfortunately, if a house house ho...
by Funny PetCare on Mar 18, 2011

Alabama Craft: Tradition and Innovation

All this month Alabama Public Television (APT) will finally be airing their original documentary film Alabama Craft: Tradition and Innovation, which will feature one of our members, potter Charles Smith.The first airing will be this Thursday, April 9...
by The Coastal Artisans on Apr 5, 2009

Charles Smith, Pottery - Mobile AL

Charles Smith is a well-known and well-liked Mobile, AL, potter who began his career in the early 1970’s: “I began studying art after a tour of duty in Vietnam, the trauma surrounding the war made me want to pursue the arts.”Smith matured his i...
by The Coastal Artisans on Oct 12, 2008

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