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Touching Cloth: Our Experience With Reusable Nappies

Over the last year or so, we’ve used a combination of disposable nappies and cloth / reusable nappies for Toddler L. This has included premium disposable nappies like Pampers, supermarket own brand disposable nappies such as Tesco, and a ran...
by The DADventurer on Mar 27, 2016

charlie banana - goodbye disposables giveaway!

I first told you about Charlie Banana earlier this year but I know most of you have heard of these great diapers already! Earlier this year Charlie Banana released a limited edition "Goodbye... 25 yr old mommy blogger with reviews & Giveaways.
by Double Duty Mommy on Aug 19, 2011

[Clodi Impor] Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana,hmmm…brand yang terdengar unik  untuk sebuah cloth diaper.  Charlie Banana dibuat oleh perusahaan Winc Design Limited yang bermarkas di Hongkong. Tak heran logo Charlie Banana ini menyerupai sketsa atau simbol negeri China. Kon...
by butik cloth diaper murah on Jan 30, 2011

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