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Visit: Nathan Cooper Gristmill {Chester, New Jersey}

Looking for a fun little afternoon adventure or a step back in time? Let’s drive to Chester and check out the Nathan Cooper Gristmill. Most libraries have museum passes that you can borrow, which let you visit a local museum or attraction with...
by Sweetnicks on Aug 24, 2016

Blood Father TV Spot

An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her.
by Box Office Buz on Aug 2, 2016

11/06/16 Stalls Advantage?

2:20 Bath - 9 runnersStall 8: Halinka 12/1 - 23%2:55 Bath - 8 runners (best and nb stall)Stall 7: Monumental Man 5/1 - 26%Stall 6: Ginzan 8/2 - 17%4:40 Bath- 8 runners (best and nb stall)Stall 7: Shahaama 10/1 - 26%Stall 6: Inclination 6/4 - 17%2:15...
by The Novice Tipster on Jun 11, 2016

11/06/16 Permanent Systems

These are all systems that looks at the last 14 days only1. 16 runners 11 winners = 68.75% and 15 placed = 93.75% place rate4.45 York - Final Reckoning 3/12. 8 runners 6 winners = 75% strike rate3.25 Chester - Morando 15/83. 38 runners 21 winners 55.
by The Novice Tipster on Jun 11, 2016

11/06/16 Chester

Chester2:15Stalls: Super JuliusRating: Gerrards Fur CoatGoing: CuppacoffeeSpeed: AmlakMy Selection: Super Julius 6/12:50Stalls: ZenafireRating: ZenafireGoing: NeweraSpeed: ModernismMy Selection: Zenafire 14/13:25Stalls: noneRating: Sky Ship/TawakkolG...
by The Novice Tipster on Jun 10, 2016

"The Courage..."

“God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right, even though I think it is hopeless.” - Adm. Chester W. Nimitz...
by Running 'Cause I Can't Fly on May 28, 2016

06/05/16 Chester

Chester2:10Stalls: Sound AdviceRating: Sound AdviceGoing: Sound AdviceSpeed: Sound AdviceMy Selection: Sound Advice 11/22:40Stalls: Ban Shoof/Linguistic Rating: HouseofparliamentGoing: Kingston KurrajongSpeed: LinguisticMy Selection: Linguistic 7/43:...
by The Novice Tipster on May 6, 2016

05/05/16 Chester

Chester2:10Stalls: noneRating: American ArtistGoing: English SummerSpeed: Master Of FinanceMy Selection: Master Of Finance 14/12:40Stalls: noneRating: Cannock ChaseGoing: BattalionSpeed: Cannock ChaseMy Selection: Cannock Chase 3/13:10Stalls: US Army...
by The Novice Tipster on May 4, 2016

04/05/16 Stalls Advantage

Chester3:45 Stalls 1-6 have had 100% of winnersSo the winner should be one of the followingRoudee 11/2, Mukaynis 13/2, Kimberella 11/2, Growl 9/2, Seve 14/1, Avon Bridge 10/15:25Stall 1 - So Celebre 9/1 - 40%Stall 6 - Ronnie Baird 18/1 - 24%Stal...
by The Novice Tipster on May 4, 2016

04/05/16 Chester

Chester2:10Stalls: Fiery Character 18% - (stall 7 & 8 are not so good – 13% between them Imdacingwithurwife & Awesome Allen)Rating: ImdancinwithurwifeGoing: Fiery CharacterSpeed: Copper KnightMy Selection: Fiery Character 11/10 (Copper Knig...
by The Novice Tipster on May 4, 2016

Interesting Stats Today

1. Paul Nicholls does well in May with a 28.87% strike rate. However he does even better at Newton Abbot in May where he has had 51 runners and 21 winners, which is a rather large however if you cut that down to horses who go off favourite, then the...
by The Novice Tipster on May 4, 2016

Wicked (West End) Review

Cast Elphaba – Emma Hatton Glinda – Savannah Stevenson Fiyero – Kane Oliver Parry Madame Horrible – Liza Sadovy The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Mark Curry Ness arose – Katie Rowley Jones Bow – Daniel Hope Doctor...
by Lets Go To The Movies on Apr 28, 2016

High Society

“Out West” was a remote place in the public imagination, and Canton, South Dakota was a small town compared to the population centers of the East. However, Canton was a lively place, with many shops and amusements for the public. People a...

Saw VII: El juego del miedo 7: Saw 3D (2010) DVDrip

Sinopsis: Mientras estalla una mortal batalla a causa del legado de Jigsaw, un grupo de supervivientes busca el apoyo de Bobby Dagen, gurú de la auto-ayuda, un hombre con oscuros secretos que desatará una nueva oleada de terror. Titulo: Saw VII 3D...
by on Apr 2, 2016

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo in Chester, Cheshire is one of Britain's favourite zoos and wildlife attractions. Chester Zoo opened in 1931 and was founded by George Mottershead (1894-1978), a wildlife enthusiast.Chester Zoo boasts 12,000 animals from 400 different spe...
by Devon Visitor on Mar 16, 2016

Get a Job Trailer

A comedy centered around a recent college graduate, his friends, and their attempts to secure employment.
by Box Office Buz on Feb 4, 2016

"The Courage..."

“God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right, even though I think it is hopeless.”-Adm. Chester W. Nimitz...
by Running 'Cause I Can't Fly on Jan 11, 2016

Glenmere Mansion, New York’s Hudson Valley

The Gilded Age retreat of the Goelet family, Glenmere was one of America’s finest country homes, once host to royalty, aristocracy, and leading artists. Now it is reborn as a premier luxury hotel. With just 18 guest accommodations, 2 superb restaur...
by eTravelTrips on Sep 11, 2015

Buques de guerra: American Warships (2012) BRrip

Sinopsis: Cuando un grupo de misteriosos barcos lance una ataque contra la Tierra, sólo la tripulación del USS Iowa, el último barco estadounidense a flote, podrá evitar el armageddon global. Titulo: Buques de guerra American Warships Calidad: HD...
by on Jul 27, 2015

New Test System

My 'test' system horses today - based on going as it is nowBath3:50 Ogbourne Downs 5/15:35 Magical Daze 8/1Chester6:00 Queen Aggie 16/1Hexham4:10 Luccombe Down 7/1 - ONLY IF LAMOOL A NR. would make a good f/c if Lamool does runLingfield8:30 Saskia's...
by The Novice Tipster on Jun 13, 2015

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