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Avocado Chickpea Salad Croissants

I have always loved the croissants stuffed with chicken salad that always seem to be served at baby showers or other luncheons, so I decided to come up with a fresh twist on them and whipped up a chicken chickpea salad, including some of the normal i...
by La Fuji Mama on Jun 23, 2016

Middle Eastern Chickpea Salad

Looking for a fabulous salad – make this chic and delicious Middle Eastern Chickpea Salad with protein-packed chickpeas and fresh veggies that are tossed in a flavorful lemon basil vinaigrette.  This easy salad can be served as a side dish, ma...
by Cooking In Stilettos on Mar 31, 2016

Fast, Healthy and Vegan. Chickpea, Mango, and Coconut Salad.

   Sometimes you just want something to be easy. Sometimes you just wanna say what the hell, I'll nuke something, or open a can, or whatever. This last week was one of those weeks for me. I'm nearly halfway through my chemo, still firing on...
by The Colors Of Indian Cooking on Mar 5, 2015

Vegan Chickpea Salad Recipe

This is a quick and Vegan Chickpea Salad Recipe I adapted from Rachel Ray. It’s a great make ahead dish, (like the night before), so that the peas can marinate well. It makes a great lunch, and if it’s hot where you are you won’t even...
by Savvy Brown on Sep 22, 2014

Chickpea & Couscous Salad

We are big chickpea fans. If you are too, I think you’ll enjoy this salad. With its many delicious ingredients, it is quite filling and makes a wonderful lunch or dinner bowl. We like it with olives and celery but you can toss all your favorite...
by Dinners & Dreams on Sep 15, 2014

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, is one of the oldest cultivated legumes from the Middle East. These little legumes are are high in fiber and protein, and low in GI and calories. Regular intake of chickpeas can lower your cholesterol and stabil...
by Spill the Spices on Jun 24, 2014

Chickpea Salad - Diet recipe

7th diet recipe is Chick pea salad.. remember not to exceed 1 cup per meal :) Enjoyyy!!Tip.. Make green tea ur habit :) Aids in wt loss.Before I have discussed with u the following recipes during diet week.Diet TeaHalf Fry without OilChicken and Lent...
by Haffa's kitchen adventures on Apr 28, 2014

Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad

Recipe: Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad Summary: You get your protein from the beans and quinoa, some good grains from the quinoa, healthy fats from the avocados, veggies from the spinach and tomatoes, and delicious-ness from the tasty dressing.
by What2Cook on Aug 14, 2013

Chickpea Salad with Yogurt Mint Dressing ~ Healthy Food

There are days when I am in no mood for an elaborate meal. That happens mostly when I have to prepare something solely for myself. Cooking for self has never motivated me to go for elaborate cooking. In such cases I try to go healthy and make some he...
by Jyoti's Pages on Jul 31, 2012

Mediterranean Sandwich on Meatless Monday's Monday!   It's time to share another meatless creation with you.  Today I want to bring you a taste of the Mediterranean in a sandwich.  Who doesn't love sandwiches right?  It is very healthy, tasty and Easy (with a...
by TheCottageMarket on Mar 5, 2012

Trader Joes Haul and Yummy Sandwich

I was short on time for lunch today and ran in the door to make this delicious Tofu Salad Sandwich.. basically, I used THIS recipe, but sub'd tofu for the chickpeas.  I love it both ways.  If you are looking to kick your sandwich up a notch...
by Melomeals on Oct 5, 2011

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