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Robin Cook’s 2003 resignation speech to parliament over Iraq

In the lead up to the war in Iraq in 2003 few MPs emerged with clean hands, much less credit. Robin Cook stands out as one who did. Another MP who emerged with credit from the disaster of Iraq is George Galloway. The differences I have with George ov...
by Socialist Unity on Jul 7, 2016

Lucas: Chilcot proves Blair lied about reasons for going to war - Stop the War meeting tomorrow

Caroline Lucas the Green party MP, said today that the report is 'damning' and shows that Blair and colleagues 'lied' to the public about their reasons for going to war. She said: “Chilcot’s report is damning for Blair, his cabinet and all those...
by wembleymatters on Jul 6, 2016

Tony Blair’s guilt was established long before Chilcot

No matter the contents of the long awaited Chilcot report, the destruction of Iraq and suffering of its people will follow Tony Blair and the others responsible for this crime to the grave. Never has a war illustrated the moral turpitude of a ruling...
by Socialist Unity on Jul 5, 2016

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