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Helping Children Understand About Money

Children, under the age of 21 generally have a hard time understanding that money is important and that mum and dad’s ATM machine can run out of funds! I also stumbled on a great article on the internet Its about teaching children the meaning of c...
by Teaching Kids With Cooking on Sep 23, 2013

Money-Smart Kids: How To Teach Children Good Money Habits

How do we strike a balance between giving our kids the moon and the stars and their appreciation of monetary value? Catch them young as all good habits have their roots in the early years. Here are some effective ways of making your child money wise.
by Loving Your Child on Jan 26, 2011

Teaching Children About Money: Are Allowances For Kids Good Or Bad?

Are allowances good or bad? It truly depends on how you determine that in your home. Our roles as parents is to love and nurture our children, but also to raise independent thinking children that will learn how to manage their hard earned money. Re...
by Loving Your Child on Oct 7, 2010

Kids And Money: Bill And Penny’s Money Adventures Book Review

I bought my 11-year-old daughter, Sara, a copy of Amar Pandit's book, Bill And Penny’s Money Adventures, and she enjoyed it so much that she insisted on writing a review for me. So here's what she thinks about this book that "helps children learn a...
by Loving Your Child on Sep 25, 2010

Creating A Will and Testament And Interesting Bequests From The Past

My Personal Finance Journey Homepage For a while now, the creation of a personal last will and testament has been on my "to-do" list.  This was after reading several recommendations in the general personal finance books I frequently use...
by My Personal Finance Journey on Aug 24, 2010

Earth Friendly Play Dough Recipe

There's one in every group. One of your kids ate the play dough at school and now feels sick. Fret not teachers and parents, we have a recipe that is not only earth friendly but friendly on those curious tummies as well. How to Make Earth Friendly Pl...
by The Honorable Mention on Aug 23, 2010

Kids and Board Games With Benefits!

Aside from the “soft” benefits like spending time together as friends or family, traditional board games can teach young children such things as hand-eye coordination, visual perception, letter recognition, color recognition and number/shape reco...
by The Honorable Mention on Aug 16, 2010

Should I Buy Life Insurance Even Though I Don't Need It?

My Money Blog Homepage Generally, the rule for determining if an individual does or does not need life insurance is by answering the following three questions. My answers are also shown.Are you married? Me: No. Do you have children? Me: No. Would...
by My Personal Finance Journey on Jul 8, 2010

Is It Good To Give Your Children An Allowance?

My Money Blog Homepage Recently, while reading a section of the book titled, Young Bucks - How to Raise a Future Millionaire, by Troy Dunn, I came across a very interesting section on the ongoing debate of whether or not it is best to give your...
by My Personal Finance Journey on Jul 3, 2010

How Do You Determine Your Children’s Allowance?

When I first started thinking about this topic I looked back to my child rearing days and realized I had not a clue about the topic. The only time I can remember my daughter being motivated to earn her allowance was after she had developed bad habit...
by Cheap Living Tips on May 2, 2010

Money Isn’t Childs Play

"We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs." ~Gloria SteinemSince April is now officially Financial Literacy Month, we so excited and wondering if this is going to open up yet another area of curriculum of us to really delve into? Do...
by The Honorable Mention on Apr 23, 2010

Kids and Money: Making Those First Talks Easy for All

“But mommy…just go to the ATM and get some money.” Sound familiar? We might laugh, but the truth is…kids really do think that’s where money comes from because that’s where they see us get it from. But what do you s...

How Barack Obama Teaches His Kids about Money

Are you trying to teach your kids about money? You can try Barrack Obama and his wife’s tips on teaching children about money. Just like other parents, Obama and his wife also set rules for their kids. One of them is about money giving. In a ma.
by Fresh Parenting on Oct 14, 2008

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