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-Whoopi Equates Celebrating The Birth of Jesus With the Right to Abort and Kill a Baby?

Whoopi Goldberg equates the right of Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus with the right to abort and kill a baby? Here’s the story from Townhall: Whoopi Goldberg thinks the right to observe Christmas is the same thing as a woman’s right to...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 19, 2016

-Brunei: Wear a Santa Hat and Go to Jail?

(Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei) In the Muslim nation of Brunei it is against the law to publically celebrate Christmas in any way. Those caught could receive 5 years in prison. Here’s the story from the Blaze:  Citizens of the oil-rich na...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 22, 2015

-Atheist Complaints Against Public Christmas Displays Backfire

by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 16, 2015

-A Zombie Nativity?

by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 2, 2015

-Hollywood Christmas Parade Picks 2 Atheists as Grand Marshals

LA’s famous “Hollywood Christmas Parade” will feature two atheists as the ‘grand marshals’ this year. Here’s the story from Breitbart News: The Hollywood Christmas Parade has selected two famous atheists to be its grand marshals. Magician...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Nov 30, 2015

-Catholic League’s Billboard Christmas Message Targets ‘Christian Haters’

Nearly every year the Catholic League sponsors a billboard Christmas message but traditionally they have been displayed in New York City or nearby. Most of the time it is a positive message about the Christian season. This time the bill board went up...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 5, 2014

-"It’s OK to Say Merry Christmas"

In Redmond, Washington, signs celebrating Christmas have showed up for the 2nd year on public land. City officials say they are being put up in what is essential a ‘free speech’ zone so will get to stay until January. Here’s the story from CBN:...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 4, 2014

-Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Believe ‘Jesus Christ Was Born to a Virgin’

                                  (Birth of Jesus: Wikipedia) In a poll conducted by...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 19, 2013

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