Blog Posts - Christmas Clips 2016

Christmas Clips: No Pressure (nativity factor winner)

brilliant pair of angels "Remember, Gods son, no pressure..."...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 8, 2016

Christmas Clips: He Came Down

'If you've ever felt rejected, excluded or a stranger Remember the One who came down in the manger.' this is lovely...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 7, 2016

Christmas Clips: Christmas in a Nutshell

There's a bit of a trend for this sort of thing in Christian circles (e.g. This is Discipleship, which is also very good)...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 6, 2016

Christmas Clips: U2 'I believe in Father Christmas'

great twist on the original lyrics...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 5, 2016

Christmas Clips: Ephiphany Meets the Apprentice

love this, we're following 'The Apprentice' this year and these guys are roughly on the same level of competence and teamwork.
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 4, 2016

Christmas Clips: 'Joseph' (Dai Woolridge)

great meditation on the story from Josephs point of view, from the gifted wordsmith Dai Woolridge...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 3, 2016

Christmas Clips: Joseph goes to the Registry Office

so unrealistic - when did you last see a government form that simple?
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 2, 2016

Christmas Clips: 'Silent Night' Sixpence None the Richer

This works really well just before a Christmas service, especially with younger children present, just to settle everyone and bring a sense of peace and stillness. I still haven't yet graduated to using 'Kiss Me' by Sixpence before a wedding, but you...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 1, 2016

Christmas Clips: the Christmas C(h)ord

The very talented Dai Woolridge and a very clever little video. This will mean most to guitar players (watch until the end!)...
by Opinionated Vicar on Nov 30, 2016

Christmas Clips: The Beatbox Nativity

The superb Gavin Tyte...
by Opinionated Vicar on Nov 29, 2016

Christmas Clips: Incarational Homespun Blues

Pretty sure this won Dylan the Nobel Prize for literature, or would have done if he'd written it...
by Opinionated Vicar on Nov 28, 2016

Christmas Clips: Second Chance

This cracker from the Churches Advertising Network (they're wackier than they sound) is great for all ages, still can't decide if the snobbish donkey or surfer dude shepherds are my favourite character...
by Opinionated Vicar on Nov 27, 2016

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