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Is it time we begin restricting religions?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a burqa ban in Germany saying she could support a nationwide prohibition on Islamic veils covering the face:"The full-face veil is not acceptable in our country," she told delegates in Essen, sparking ra...
by Murdockinations on Dec 12, 2016

Grover Cleveland Pardons Polygamous Mormons

September 25, 2013 GROVER CLEVELAND PARDONS POLYGAMOUS MORMONS Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) President Grover Cleveland issued a presidential proclamation 119 years ago today, September 25, 1894, granting a pardon to members of the Ch...
by JFK+50 on Sep 25, 2013

California’s Bigotry was Echoed Today

26th of May 2009 CALIFORNIA’S BIGOTRY WAS ECHOED TODAY I am deeply saddened by the California Supreme Court’s ruling today.  I don’t blame the court for its ruling; I blame the citizens of California that voted for a constitutional amendme...
by Love, Honor & Respect on May 27, 2009

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