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Outsourcing My Teaching Weaknesses

A couple Saturdays ago we went to the Dr. Seuss birthday event at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.  One reason we went is that I am trying to find new library events for the kids who have outgrown the beloved toddler story hours. ...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Mar 9, 2012

Urban Survival Skills?

I was perusing some other blogs and noticing how many of the activities were outdoorsy.  I am not just talking about playing in the back yard (which I am not envious of since keeping yards is a lot of work), but learning outdoor skills like gard...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Mar 5, 2012

Homeschooling for Equality in the City

It was a glorious day of about 50 degrees today, so I took T & C to the nearby playground.  While there, some mothers were talking about what they plan on doing for school for their children for next year.  There are several "options":...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Mar 2, 2012

Doing Math Online With Classic Offline Tools

T was working on his math today on Time4Learning when he started having some difficulty.  Since he has gotten so far ahead for his age, it isn't a surprise.  Anyway, he was working on some addition and subtraction that had some nuances.&nbs...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 27, 2012

Learning Spanish in Homeschool

While I seemed to excel in other subjects throughout my schooling, learning languages was difficult.  I learned a small amount of French in elementary school, Latin in high school, and Spanish in college.  Little of any of it stuck in those...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 25, 2012

Science Museum Visit

We went to the Buffalo Museum of Science last week.  We had a great time.  The kids especially love the Explorations section where they learn through play.  Check out some of the things T & C did:We went to the exhibits too, but th...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 23, 2012

Homeschooling and Less Wasted Time

When I look at homeschooling, it is hard to not see so many benefits, but for me, one of the most compelling one is less wasted time.  Some of it is obvious.  When kids do their lessons at home, they don't need to wait in line or for the cl...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 20, 2012


Sorry, but another great post from City Kids Homeschooling.See it and my comment there.
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 18, 2012

Homeschooling: Why Not?

Another great post at:City Kids HomeschoolingRead it and my comment!
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 15, 2012

Loving the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

One of the questions that seemed to come up in the Time4Learning forums was getting a hold of some of the optional reading materials that can go with it.  Some would say that their library didn't have them.  I would respond, of course,...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 14, 2012

Skipping the Mall

I haven't been too big on malls generally because I hate shopping and the setting is pretty artificial compared to shopping in a thriving urban setting.  There have been times in my life though that I have gone to malls more often.  One tim...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 13, 2012

Real Art by Ylli Haruni

The best part about homeschooling in an urban environment is coming across interesting things in your own neighborhood.  Last week, on one of our mid-day outings (it was 40 degrees out) we walked by Ylli Haruni, a real artist, doing an oil paint...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 8, 2012

Bad Teachers or a Bad Model

While I like books on homeschooling, I often read books about education in general or economics.  I recently read this one:I never see Dr. Steve Perry on CNN because we don't have cable, but I thought it would be interesting to see what he has t...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Feb 6, 2012

Homeschooling: Time to Change Political Parties?

Like most people, I am pretty discouraged by politicians generally.  Most seem pretty clueless about what regular people are going through and only interested in being re-elected.  Currently, I am a registered democrat, not because I am thr...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Jan 30, 2012

Homeschooling and Parent Illness

In a recent post, I talked about the advantages of homeschooling when it comes to kids getting sick.  It is pretty intuitive that the flexibility would be an advantage.  But what about when you, the parent, are sick or maybe have a chronic...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Jan 27, 2012

Urban Homesteading: Rat Bait Station

Fortunately, the rats didn't get into the house while we were gone.  We kept filling in the one area where they seemed to come in and I think it worked.  However, the little bit of snow made it easy to see the tracks all over the yard. ...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Jan 26, 2012

Dressing for the Weather

It is another warm, yet rainy, day in Buffalo.  It takes me back to a dinner party many years ago in the winter when a gentleman mentioned that the weather didn't concern him because he got in his car in his garage and drove to the office and go...
by Homeschooling In Buffalo on Jan 23, 2012

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