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Kate Garraway @ Wireless Festival

With three young children between them, TV presenters Kate Garraway and Clare Nasir don't get much of a chance for a girls' night out.But the two mothers left their youngsters in the care of their respective husbands as they enjoyed a rare night out...
by Kate Garraway Fan on Jul 5, 2011

Kate Garraway Martial Arts Workout Session

Clare Nasir doesn’t appear to be giving up her fitness regime any time soon and she has now proved to be an inspiration for fellow TV personality Kate Garraway.The two friends were displaying some seriously high kicks during a martial arts training...
by Kate Garraway Fan on Jun 6, 2011

Kate Garraway Goodypass

Kate Garraway, entertainment editor on ITV1's Daybreak show, has signed up a team of celebrities to help promote her online discount offers a range of discounts to members, who are sent regular emails.Ex-Coronation Street actre...
by Kate Garraway Fan on Apr 11, 2011

Kate Garraway @ TRIC Awards

If you're going to wear a fashionable sheer black harem jumpsuit then make sure you wear dark underwear that can't be seen underneath.And if black knickers aren't an option or you're in too much of a rush to find a pair, then whatever you do, don't d...
by Kate Garraway Fan on Mar 9, 2011

Lara Lewington Sports Relief

Video DownloadVideo Download Video Download Video DownloadWatch on BBC, tgoat, ddandd and the sentinel...
by Lara Lewington Fan on Feb 27, 2010

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