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Climbing Off The Grid: Indonesia

  With more than 17,000 islands, thousands of ethnic groups, too many different cultures to count, Komodo dragons and colorful festivals, Indonesia could be the next exotic rock climbing destination on your bucket list. The volcanic origins of t...
by BarePockets on Dec 4, 2016

Climbing Off The Grid: Indonesia

  Indonesia, with its more than 17,000 islands, thousands of ethnic groups, too many different cultures to count, Komodo dragons and colorful festivals, has  potential to become the next exotic rock climbing destination on our bucket list. The...
by BarePockets on Dec 4, 2016

Patagonia, between water and ice

Do you want to live an adventure? Explore Argentinean Patagonia and face cold and ice? Discover spectacular white landscapes and huge glaciers like you have never seen before? Follow us for a journey in this mysterious part of the world. Northern Pat...
by BarePockets on Aug 22, 2016

Hillary's Health Issues, Part 2

A few days ago a video made the rounds describing what could very well be physical and mental issues that are plaguing Hillary Clinton! Video Explaining Potential Reasons Behind Hillary Clinton's 'Bizarre' BehaviorNow comes additional visual evidenc...
by The Political Commentator on Aug 8, 2016

What to wear for Camping in Canada

If you’re planning a holiday in Canada that involves camping or staying in an RV, in one of Canada’s scenic national parks, you might want some tips on what clothing will work best for your holiday. I don’t know about you, but whe...
by Heather on her travels on Aug 2, 2016

Exploring Mt. Pico De Loro in Ternate, Cavite

Aside from going to the beach, it is now obvious that more and more tourists are now loving the mountains. That is why one of the best things to take your friends for an adventure is to go for a hike.  I couldn't think of a better place to take...
by Angelo The Explorer on Jul 7, 2016

Tuk Tuk Hill Climbing 3D 1.0.4 APK

The post Tuk Tuk Hill Climbing 3D 1.0.4 APK appeared first on Download Tuk Tuk Hill Climbing 3D APK for Android This version of Tuk Tuk Hill Climbing 3D 1.0.4 APK includes several changes which are mentioned below. You can Download Tu...
by on Jun 22, 2016

Mountaintop Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Daypack Climbing School Backpacks (Orange2)

Mountaintop Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Daypack Climbing School Backpacks (Orange2) -6 ADJUSTABLE STRAPS- For tying up your pack or hanging sleeping bag, mat, hammock, tripod, and other gears. -ZIPPERED ACCESS- Front zippered access to the main compart...
by Hiking Backpack on May 21, 2016

Top 10 Most Dangerous And Coolest Things To Do On Vacation

When most people think of vacations they think of relaxing days spent on sandy beaches, hikes through a peaceful wood, long nights spent lounging in hotels, or being pampered in spas, and maybe a day... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my we...
by Travel on May 20, 2016

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of the Adriatic Sea

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be “resolved” relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better...
by We care about your travel on Apr 28, 2016


Ever walked up or climbed a mountain? Continue reading →...
by Sitting Comfortably? on Apr 27, 2016

Railay Beach Rock Climbing & The Emerald Cave

This two-part challenge started at the famous Railay Beach, where we explored the beautiful island cliffs by climbing up them! Railay (Rai Leh Beach Thailand), is a small peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand, and although it...
by Tourist 2 Townie on Apr 27, 2016

Geyikbayiri Reloaded

… and intensified times infinity. This is not an article about rock climbing. There are too many of those out there. Besides, climbing is a personal, intimate journey we all experience and understand differently. So instead of listening to other pe...
by BarePockets on Apr 25, 2016

Out of Practice

When you have been away from a sport for a while, it takes a few tries to get back where you left off. I decided to go to a sport-climbing gym to get some routes in before I try to head outdoors this spring, and man was that a good idea. I tend to fo...
by Trails Trees and Skis on Apr 18, 2016

95 Koleksi Foto Pemandangan dari 13 Pendakian Gunung di Indonesia

Ada Chemistry Antara Gunung dan Para Pendaki Gunung. Bagi sebagian orang, gunung tak ubahnya sebagai tanah atau bebatuan yang lebih menjulang dari area sekitar. Ada yang tinggi, sedang, dan rendah. Ada yang berapi, ada juga yang tidak. Gunung juga me...
by on Apr 18, 2016

Scramble in the Rockies: Mount Baldy (video post)

Quick Stats: Mount Baldy Location: One hour away from Calgary, Alberta, in Kananaskis Country just outside Banff National Park. Elevation: 2193 metres Round-trip time: 4-6 hours Difficulty: Moderate (due to the crux, which is about 2/3rds of the wa...
by Marie Away on Apr 12, 2016

Mount Apo 101

Mount Apo, for the longest time, has always been just a piece of trivia to me. An easy check mark in Civics class when asked the question from “One Country, One People”: What is the tallest mountain in the Philippines?
by Bisdak Travels on Mar 23, 2016

Rock Climbing from Your Couch

Rock climbing is a fun sport, but it can really beat you up. When you don’t have the time, money, or friends to go with you, there’s another way to get your adrenaline fix. Video game rock climbing seems kind of like a cop-out, but with...
by Trails Trees and Skis on Mar 22, 2016

New Updates for the Kern River Sierra Map!

The Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Topo Map, 4th Edition:The new and improved 4th Edition of the Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Map, published Fall 2015.A few of the newest changes and updates:Piutes Motorized Singletrack added! Upda...
by The Mud Blog on Mar 21, 2016

Return to Geyikbayiri. Turkey in Flames

Well, it’s been nearly four years, but we’re back. Yes, time does fly fast, still the moment we landed it seemed as if it was only yesterday that we left. Did anything change? Of course. Looking deep within ourselves, we find we all have.
by BarePockets on Mar 21, 2016

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