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Huma Abedin has 2 followers that we know on her twitter – there is also no mention of her husband in her profile so we know that’s a sham. the two followers are famous; one was a president of America; the other is running for President th...
by The Politics of Everything on Aug 29, 2016

What do HSBS, Mexican Drug Cartels & Hllary Clinton Have in Common?

Cost Poor Man Survival Self Reliance tools for independent minded people… ISSN 2161-5543 A Digest of Urban Survival Resources    Riddle: What do HSBC, Mexican Drug Cartels & Hill...
by Urban Survival Resources on Jun 10, 2016

Voting Against the "Undesirables" - A Guest Blog Post

It's been a busy year so far...Okay, so busy is a relative term in this case. The first two months of the year, slow months work-wise, were mostly spent engrossed in video games. Having never played much of anything past a Wii (Mario Brothers and Mar...
by Just Call Me Frank on Mar 18, 2016

What Was She Doing With This Classified Iraq Info?

Commentary MagazineThe British press is all aflutter with reports that Prime Minister Tony Blair promised to back President George W. Bush in Iraq a year before the Iraq War began. The then-classified letter that was attached to a Hillary Clinton ema...
by Diogenes' Middle Finger on Oct 18, 2015

The Coronation Is Off and Democrats are Restless

Commentary MagazineUp to now, the political media has devoted its focus to the human wrecking ball that is Donald Trump. The near myopic fixation of the press is understandable; they are in the eyeballs business, and Trump got them 24 million ...
by Diogenes' Middle Finger on Aug 15, 2015

Banner Ideas for Your Loved One Coming Home

Banner Ideas for Your Loved One Coming Home Welcome home banner ideas become really important when you are about to welcome someone you love when they are coming home. There are many special things about the banner that you can made to show to the on...
by Cine Comp on Jul 15, 2015

Daily Roundup: Valve and VR, Hillary Clinton's email and more!

Welcome to the Daily Roundup. We take a look at the secret meetings Valve arranged to get developers excited about its VR project. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton answers questions about her use of personal email and a number of companies share ideas on t...
by engadget on Mar 10, 2015

Political Humor X Nine (Posters)

Nothing Says 'Super Bowl' Party Like Barack Obama Toilet Paper!!Or, if that doesn't HIT the spot, might I suggest The Obama Punching Bag instead?H/T Bo AdvertisementIntrigued? Just Click On Her Face... ...
by The Political Commentator on Jan 5, 2015

SEX SCANDAL: Ex-Trooper L.D. Brown Claims “Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Kinky Swingers!” (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, Vince’s wife looked on – as Bill began getting it on with the wife of the third couple, who the bodyguard described as a “beautiful, gleaming Kewpie doll with brains.” But the sexual hijinks didn’t end there.
by Ct Patriots Blog on Nov 13, 2014

Hasty Judgements

Do you find yourself mentally classifying people into: looks like a success ,doesn’t look like a success,seems successful,doesn’t seem successful,possibly a success,likely to be a success in future,unlikely to be successful in future etc.
by Wealthymatters on Mar 24, 2014

Sell Out

Bill Clinton asks supporters to help reduce Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign debt -  And here is the reason that the Clintons sold their souls to the Obama Devil...
by JOCO SOB on Nov 28, 2012

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