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Why Flying Economy Class Long Haul Is A Pain In The Butt

As a seasoned traveller, flying economy class long haul is something I am quite accustomed to. Long time readers of this site may think that all I do is travel Business and First Class but that is far from the case. Sometimes my travel budget is tigh...
by Flights And Frustration on Jan 22, 2016

Coccyx Injury Treatment

If you're tormented by severe returned pain, you'll want to know everything in regards to the condition. Listed below are suggested various treatments to ease the pain of a coccyx injury. The coccyx can also be known as the tailbone thanks to its loc...
by WHy Acai Plus on Aug 11, 2011

Coccyx Pain Treatment

Coccydynia, that is typically referred to as coccyx pain, is a frequently poorly understood medical condition that causes persistent pain on the bottom portion of the spine. The pain related to the condition generally feels worse when the sufferer si...
by WHy Acai Plus on Aug 6, 2011

Is it normal for my coccyx to hurt randomly

Is it normal for my coccyx to hurt randomly? For two days now, my coccyx (the very pointy end of your spine above your butt crack) has been hurting and I don't know why. Is it normal for it to hurt for no reason? And is there a medicine to stop...

Lilly Allen ” Thought I’d loose my legs”

Lily Allen has revealed that after she fell on her coccyx (tailbone), she feared that she would have to get her legs amputated. Allen, 24, who describes the fall as “the most painful thing ever”, thought the injury would leave her paralysed, and...
by News Media Images on Sep 2, 2009

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