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Health Benefits of Tuba or Coconut Wine

Coconut wine or Tuba is a sweet, fresh or mildly fermented sap taken from tapping the young expanded flowers of the coconut. It is popularly known locally as “Jungle wine,” it is also called coconut toddy. Coconut wine or Tuba is the most popular...
by Philippine Islands on Jan 9, 2015


Steamed Maliputo Ingredients: 1 medium-size maliputo fish (a fish native in Taal lake in Batangas) 1 tbsp. salt 1 tsp. sesame oil 1 tbsp. lambanog (coconut wine) 1 thumb-size ginger spring onions Steamed Maliputo Procedures: 1. Gut the maliputo, rins...
by Lutong Pinoy Recipe on Sep 19, 2010

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