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Tips to Make Today and Everyday a Productive Day

Staying productive can be difficult with our busy schedules. With all of the responsibilities we have, how can you get anything accomplished? Do you want to make this year a productive year? If so, then check out these productivity tips. […]...
by The Nuts and Bolts Blog on Jan 20, 2014

Generate Leads the Old Fashion Way

Social media is here to stay. It seems everyone is on social media to generate leads for their business. Everyone wants you to be a lead for their business but no one wants to be a lead for your business.  So, what do you do to […]...
by The Nuts and Bolts Blog on Jan 12, 2014

Cold calling to clients – do you make this “politeness” mistake?

This morning’s e-mail from the Manta Editorial Team brought an interesting article about telephone prospecting. One of the points they made was that callers are often “too polite.” They warned that when you say “May I please s...
by Thoughts on Marketing and More on May 19, 2012

How To Soften Your Cold Calls (Real-World Advice From A Cleaning Company)

My favourite advice to entrepreneurs – when it comes to marketing themselves – is to leverage “anti-trends” to your advantage. For example, every business is currently obsessed with blogging, SEO and social media… while simultan...

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