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The Style Ref's Hails & Fails: 4th Quarter | 2014

As we prepare to enter a new year, it's only fitting to take a look back. You might have missed TSR's Hails & Fails the past few months, but it's back to close out 2014 and going forward, it'll be a quarterly feature (sports pun intended!), so yo...
by The Style Ref on Dec 31, 2014

Why Condoleeza Rice should not be on the College Football Play-Off Committee, And Erin Andrews should

When I saw the news that Condoleeza Rice had been put on the BCS Committee, I felt a little (to put it mildly) annoyed.I wasn't annoyed because Condoleeza Rice is a woman, and I think women have no place in college football. I vehemently stood up for...
by The View From North America on Oct 7, 2013

Impressed/Depressed/Don't Care - Week 1 of the College Football Season

For years this blog talked about who we were impressed and depressed with during the college football season, so there's no reason not to do it this year.TOP 10 IMPRESSED1) Clemson - Beat No.5 team in the nation using luck, turnovers, and Sammy Watki...
by The View From North America on Sep 3, 2013

College Football: It's here

I woke up this morning with a quickened heart, a smile on my face, and an enthusiasm I hadn't felt in months.I wanted to hug everybody. I wanted to tell everyone how happy I was, and how beautiful today was.Because today is Christmas Day.Today is the...
by The View From North America on Aug 29, 2013

How Manti Te'o ruined my world

ALSO: I've written about the story here for Sky Sports.On September 11th 2012 Manti Te'o's world collapsed. His grandmother and his girlfriend died on the same day.But he got up, he soldiered on, and he played one of his games of the season agai...
by The View From North America on Jan 16, 2013

College Football: Life saver

On July 26th, 2012 Suzy Ferguson, the nicest person in the world, died. She was 31. She was kind, sweet, beautiful, and happy with everyone else and more importantly, with herself. Her soul was right with the world and with the Lord. She knew that sh...
by The View From North America on Dec 17, 2012

A few more scenes from the SEC Championship Game

An article was written for Sky Sports by me, relaying the SEC Championship Game and all its glory.Having said that, I didn't mention some other things that maybe I should have mentioned in the article, but didn't get round to it.'Big Al', Alabama's m...
by The View From North America on Dec 11, 2012

When I look at the SEC....

When I look at the SEC....(and not only the thousands of beautiful women that fill SEC campuses)....I try to look at the SIX STRAIGHT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (just in case anyone's never mentioned it before), and bow down and worship at the conference...
by The View From North America on Nov 13, 2012

Jenn Brown 2012 Info

Jenn Brown has a quite beautiful face with attractive hot figure. I know you must want to see Jenn Brown 2012 hot images stay tuned.
by JaiPals on Aug 8, 2012

Erin Andrews 2012 Schdule

Erin Andrews is such a beautiful girl with cute face & attractive hot figure. Stay tuned for more Erin Andrews 2012 news.
by JaiPals on Aug 7, 2012

Sports Crush: ESPN's Samantha Steele

ESPN's College Gameday will have a new face this fall. Samantha Steele will be called up to the Majors and take the spot vacated by Erin Andrews, who recently left to join Fox Sports. Steele has been working at the Longhorn Network and worked s...
by America's White Boy on Jul 19, 2012

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