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Paint, Sculpt and Shoot Show

I currently have two pieces showing in the Paint, Sculpt and Shoot show at the Center for Arts Evergreen ( through October 13. Stop by and have a gander.  ...
by Touch of Marla on Sep 17, 2011

Art on Sale!

Art on sale!
by Touch of Marla on Sep 11, 2011

Body Painting – Artist Carnival

Body painting is an interesting art form in that it pulls together at least three separate artist, the model, the body painter and the photographer.
by Touch of Marla on Aug 6, 2011

New Show

The Center for the Arts Evergreen has a new photography show June 24 - July 21.
by Touch of Marla on Jun 22, 2011

New Gallery

Grace Gallery at the SW corner of Santa Fe and 9th in the middle of the Santa Fe Art district.
by Touch of Marla on Nov 30, 2010

The Body as Canvas

I attended a great art event last week in which models, body painters, photographers, and myself worked together to create body art.
by Touch of Marla on Nov 26, 2010

Learning from others

My point here is that one does not have to be working in the same media as a presenter to learn from them.
by Touch of Marla on Nov 18, 2010

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