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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 68, Censorship and Geek Culture

In which, Tracy and Dude follow up on the previous podcast on freedom of speech with a podcast on censorship and how it is different for geek culture than it is in the larger American culture.  We discuss the difference … Continue reading U...
by Therefore I Geek on Jun 14, 2016

Let’s Talk About Trigger Warnings for Books

The back cover is mere millimeters away, the final pages of the book. I’m almost done, so I have a ferocious drive to devour the last couple thousand words in one sitting. The book is mediocre at best, certainly not in … Continued You...
by Book Riot on Feb 6, 2015

Evolution of the Comics Code

After the disastrous Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings in 1954, the Comic Magazine Association of America implemented the now infamous Comics Code Authority. Loosely based on the Hays Code that had governed Hollywood movies since t...
by Therefore I Geek on May 29, 2014

The Man Who Almost Killed Comics

Throughout history most forms of popular entertainment have had their moral detractors. In the 50’s Elvis was only allowed to be shot from the waist up due to his provocative hip movements. Tipper Gore went on a crusade against heavy … Contin...
by Therefore I Geek on Feb 25, 2014

Batman 202: Intermediate Reading For The Caped Crusader

On Friday, The Dark Knight Rises, the latest and last Batman film in Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy, will finally be upon us. So, it's natural for loads of sites to provide you with "5 Batman Comics To Get You Pumped For The Dark Knight Rises!" But...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 18, 2012

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