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Save Money: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you are a Home Goods fan, looking in any of their catalogs of their beautifully and intricately set up rooms is enough to drive one crazy with envy. Or, if you are the outdoorsy type, walking into REI may depress you as you fantasize of a kayaki...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Mar 2, 2016

Comparing yourself to others is bad for the soul. Find out why!

Throughout my career change journey I have come to the realisation that to successfully transition out of my career and into a new profession that I have to work on myself. I have to change the negative into a positive, and I am finding that the more...
by My Career Change Journey on Sep 13, 2015

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others—and Feel Happier!

by Blog of Rare Treasures on Oct 16, 2014

Comparing Yourself to Others

Imagine with me a man who decides to start running. He hasn’t run in quite a while, actually, age has crept up on him, and he has overcome many injuries, each one taking its toll. The first day, all his body can bear is two minutes. But he isn’t...
by Treasures Of His Presence on Oct 14, 2013

A Lesson From An Apple Tree

While at the Farmers Market with a friend, I saw a man selling Apple trees. I have always wanted fruit trees on our property, but my husband’s question has always been, “Where would you put them?” To my delight, this man was selling dwa...
by Treasures Of His Presence on Jul 22, 2013

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