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Tommy the Cat Back Home after 2 Months!

Strange Nature's Tommy Found after 2 months in Freezing British Weather! It seems like a lifetime ago when Tommy the tomcat, a indoor cat by choice, found himself locked out in the freezing months of the year. For days we searched long and hard (i...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Apr 17, 2012

OMG!! Funny Animals!!

Let's kickstart with some oh my gosh funny animals! O....M.....G what the hell are we thinking? I don't know, do you?? Yes, that's right folks. Animals have "omg" moments too. Here is a small collection of funny animals straight from the depths of S...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Mar 11, 2012

How to terrify a Meerkat!

This funny Meerkat looks far from impressed with his new friend! Baby Lion hugging a Meerkat...awwwww, cute.
by Funny Animal Pictures on Jan 9, 2012

Strange Nature - Cat found after 5 years!

Cat found after 5 years! A wandering cat "Willow" is found by its owners after 5 years on the run Meet "Willow" the pet cat who was lost by its owners 5 years ago in Colorado, USA. The lucky feline was found many miles away in Manhattan. Read...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Sep 16, 2011

Cat fearlessly fights with a Bear

We have seen a cat fighting with an alligator, now we have a fearless cat fighting with a bear! We don't care what anyone thinks...cats are HARD AS NAILS!! What next, a cat fighting with a shark? Cat fights with a bear [video] Cat figh...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Feb 8, 2011

Cool Cameleon

Take it easy there guy. You're looking like one cool cameleon! Funny Cameleon poses for the camera...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Jan 18, 2011

Do not eat the animals!!

DO NOT EAT THE ANIMALS!!! How could you eat these poor cute animals? We know, we know, you don't eat cats, dogs nor hamsters. What animals do you eat?  Baby trying to eat the cat  Do not eat the hamster!  Eating a cat  ...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Jan 18, 2011

Funny Animals Wearing Shoes!

We will never stop here at untill we have found every type of funny animal in the World! That's not gonna happen so we will never stop :) This time we have funny animals wearing shoes for your enjoyment!  Funny cat sitting...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Nov 21, 2010

(Slightly human) Funny Animal Faces!

Pets will be pets! Animals can pull some priceless faces at times, just like us humans! You know when your cat gives you that "I can't be bothered" look or when your dog's face just says "leave me alone"?....just like humans! Funny Animal Faces (Pi...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Sep 8, 2010

Funny Animals in Cars!

Funny animals in cars! We at Strange Nature will stop at nothing to bring you funny animals in bizarre and strange locations and settings. Ever seen a dog with it's head out of a car window? Ever seen a cow with it's head out of a car window? ...d...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Aug 23, 2010

Global Warming SUCKS!

Def; Global Warming, glo-bal warm-ing; when a polar bear is stranded on a tiny ice cap = not funny; global warming sucks! I only had 40 winks and you left the oven on again! Funny Animals - Global Warming Sucks...
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 31, 2010

Funny Animals - Dog in a Cage

Such a cruel cat! He has locked the dog in the cage. Tut Tut! Dog "owned" by a cat A rare site. The dog will get his own back soon...CHOMP MEEEEAAAAAOOOW!  **Educated Quotes of the Day** "Locking do...
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 30, 2010

Redneck Rabbits!

The easter bunny is definately nicer kids! Don't be followin' ol' redneck rabbit! Bad Rabbit! Funny Rabbit having a drink  **Educated Quotes of the Day** "Rabbits are not always cute, here is proof!" -...
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 28, 2010

Funny Animals - Outnumbered!

Some situations you know will get alot worse before they get better... Funny Animals outnumbered in a duel  Who will win?  **Educated Quotes of the Day** "being lazy lately...sorry" -
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 26, 2010

Funny Dog Dressed in a Hotdog Costume

Anyone for a REAL hotdog? Funny dog dressed as a hotdog Dog in a hotdog costume  **Educated Quotes of the Day** "mmm sausages!" - **end** Rate This Funny Animal Picture...
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 18, 2010

Silly Bear!

Hang on tight! This silly bear was snapped after getting stuck on a bridge for almost 24 hours! The bear is desperately clinging on, holding it's body weight of 250lb. Silly Bear will have sore arms in the morning! Bear...
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 11, 2010

Funny Stuck Animals

**Funny Animal Frenzy!** - Funny Stuck Animals! Animals (like humans) can get themselves stuck in sticky situations. It's amazing what range of objects animals can get stuck in! Here are some funny [but not too cruel] stuck animal pictures!
by Funny Animal Pictures on May 1, 2010

Dog Costumes!

Who wants "Hail Mary" dog costumes for their pet dogs? We do!! Two comical outfits on these funny dogs. :) Check out their Nun Dog Costumes... Funny dog costume on two little dogs The "Hail Mary" Dogs in costume!  **E...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Apr 26, 2010

Funny Tiger Pictures!

The Tiger is one of the most beutiful wild animals around. Here are a few funny tiger pictures - our favourite "big cat" in action!  You thought that you could pull the funniest face, check out some of the faces these funny tigers can pull :)...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Apr 24, 2010

Funny Cat (and Mouse)

Check out the funny cat (and mouse)! Maybe this funny cat has realized that the computer "mouse" Isn't a mouse, now he wants his own back! Just don't feed the cat you're hand! ....chomp! ARRRGHHH  Cat is waiting for a real m...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Apr 16, 2010

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