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Happy birthday, Mikael Åkerfeldt!

@OfficialOpeth @OpethJp @foxoakland...
by Travel Japan Blog on Apr 17, 2015

Voivod @ Oakland Metro Operahouse

@voivoddotnet @centurymedia @oaklandmetro @fuelandseed With so many bands (six!) on the bill the set was a snappy 60 minutes. I would love to see Voivod again (in a less-crowded venue) perform for longer. Here is what they played: Kluskap O’Kom...
by Travel Japan Blog on Feb 22, 2015

Opeth, In Flames, and Red Fang (Communion of Sirens Tour)

@RedFang @OfficialOpeth @OpethJp @InFlames_SWE I just missed catching this tour. They played in Chicago a couple nights ago, and I will be in Chicago tonight. Oh well. Believe it or not, Red Fang is the band I’d like to see most. Although IR...
by Travel Japan Blog on Dec 5, 2014

1/4 of a Century

25 years ago today, this happened.
by Travel Japan Blog on Nov 30, 2014

Hell’s Belles

@LiveAtTheArmory @HellsBellesUSA @AdrianGuitarImp @AmberSaxon666 I’m hoping that Hell’s Belles and Live at the Armory can hook up on a date someday.
by Travel Japan Blog on Nov 19, 2014

Wayne Static (November 4, 1965 – November 1, 2014)

@OfficialStaticX #WayneStatic @IAmWayneStatic I’m sad to see him go, but he had a good run of almost 49 years.
by Travel Japan Blog on Nov 3, 2014

Wolf Hoffmann impersonating Mike Tyson

by Travel Japan Blog on Oct 26, 2014


by Travel Japan Blog on Oct 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Troy Sanders!

Troy SandersMastodon...
by Travel Japan Blog on Sep 8, 2014


@hemorageSF Great guys, Hemorage. They will be doing another Pacific Northwest tour this November.
by Travel Japan Blog on Aug 26, 2014

Hot Demon Fear @ Los Lobos (Guanajuato, Mexico)

Hot Demon Fear was better than my expectations. They played a few of their own songs, but mostly Hot Demon Fear covered tunes based on audience requests. I don’t remember them all now, but they included several Led Zeppelin songs, a couple from...
by Travel Japan Blog on Aug 18, 2014

Floater playing in Southern Oregon

Floater will be playing in Grants Pass a month from today (on 8/22/14). Today’s photo was taken at last year’s Jefferson State Hemp Expo on 8/23/13.
by Travel Japan Blog on Jul 22, 2014

Vintage Ghost

Ghost BC is one of the more well-known metal bands these days. Before they changed their name to Ghost BC they were known simply as Ghost, and before Papa Emeritus II became such he was known simply as Papa Emeritus. Today’s photo comes from on...
by Travel Japan Blog on Jul 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to Chuck Billy

@testament Chuck turns 52 today. He was a mere 50 years old when I took today’s photo in 2012.
by Travel Japan Blog on Jun 23, 2014

Björn Gelotte of In Flames

@InFlames_SWE My random image of the day was this one from a year and a half ago. I took this photo in Medford, Oregon. Hopefully I’ll get back to Gothenburg, Sweden to eat at Björn’s 2112 restaurant someday. In Flames has a new album co...
by Travel Japan Blog on Jun 16, 2014

Two years ago today this happened…

Mastodon @ Oakland’s Fox Theater (April 27, 2012)...
by Travel Japan Blog on Apr 27, 2014

Mastodon (Gojira and Kvelertak) US tour begins 4/28/14

This seems like too much fun to pass up. If they were playing with two bands I hated I could probably skip this, but I really want to see Gojira, and even though I’m not familiar with Kverlertak, they can’t be bad coming from Norway, righ...
by Travel Japan Blog on Apr 25, 2014


@GhostBcOfficial My random, desktop image of the day is from Ghost’s first-ever show in Denmark and just their 24th appearance anywhere. Since then they have played about 300 shows and counting.
by Travel Japan Blog on Apr 5, 2014

Happy birthday to Ole Jørgen Moe!

Welcome to the 40s, Mr. Moe.
by Travel Japan Blog on Apr 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Bill Kelliher!

Bill Kelliher of Mastodon with his Gibson Les Paul guitar...
by Travel Japan Blog on Mar 23, 2014

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