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The Great Terrorist Trump Con or America's Greatest Shell Game

Let's face it people, Trump, is a terrorist. And not a very bright one, regardless of his narcissistic view of himself. He's earned the venom some feel for him as well as the ridicule.No. No sir, it is not. I'm sure it's mostly average if anything.Te...
by Murdockinations on Aug 8, 2016

Our Worldwide Carpetbaggers - Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Trump

Loyalty. Something that has become archaic now a days. It suffers because of profit, because of corporate thinking...profit of die. It suffers because of confusion for what direction, what level, that it should be aimed toward. Confusion from a lack...
by Murdockinations on Jul 18, 2016

Coming Attractions: Keep Your Friends Close But Keep Your INTIMATE ENEMIES Closer

By Rex Baylon It's been awhile since we've heard from Im Sang-Soo. Having made big waves in the early aughts with critically acclaimed films like A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003) and The President's Last Bang (2005), it's been three...
by Modern Korean Cinema on May 29, 2015

IIM CAT Result /Score Card 2014|

            IM CAT Result /Score Card 2014|  The Indian Institute of Management  will ging to release result of CAT 2015 in soon at official website.After attending the examination, all appeared candidates want to know a...
by on Nov 26, 2014

IIM CAT Result/ Merit List 2014 Download |

IIM CAT Result/ Merit List 2014 & Score card will announce in soon at official website off IIMs IIM CAT Result/ Merit List 2014 Download | IIM CAT Result 2014 : The Indian Institute of Management, Indore had...
by on Nov 21, 2014

EKLUSIF!! Isu Penipu bernama Benny Zachariah atau Donny Anak Patrick Nyangon.

Benny Zachariah atau DonnyPendedahan ini bukanlah yang pertama Mr.J telah kupaskan bahkan turut dikupas oleh beberapa pelakon dan penerbit dari Sarawak dan ada diantara daripadanya menangungi kerugian.Benny Zachariah (Donny Anak Patrick Nyangon) sema...

Heiresses Beware!

Here are some words to ponder.The whole story is here:Link I can’t help but wonder what irresistible attraction a liar and a cheater holds for a young well educated woman with a good well paying job: two of these women were investment bankers,  on...
by Wealthymatters on Jun 8, 2014

A Transgender Story Chapter 73 – I got Conned Part 6

In the previous chapter…….. Tuesday morning. 7am. My mobile rang. The number starts +27…… it is from Africa. I already knew it was from Africa because before that, I have googled for the numbers from Africa and their starting...
by Ms Chor Lor on Apr 15, 2013

A Transgender Story Chapter 69 – I got Conned Part 4

In the previous chapter…… It is Sunday now. At around 7pm local time, which is about 12 noon over there, he say he will ask his agent to book the air tix for him and he will book the hotel. I was at my close sis ‘s house hanging out...
by Ms Chor Lor on Apr 11, 2013

A Transgender Story Chapter 67 – I got Conned Part 2

In the previous chapter…….. And so we carry on chatting and chatting. All these were on Friday night. Though part of me suspects that this is probably just a scam, but then part of me also does hold on to that 1% that this could be real.
by Ms Chor Lor on Apr 9, 2013

Alleged conman ‘claimed gang links in Japan’

An Australian martial arts instructor has told the Auckland District Court how an alleged conman intimated connections with the mafia, claimed to communicate with the Yakuza and convinced him to hand over nearly $200,000. Gold Coast kung fu teacher A...
by Mafia Today on Nov 5, 2012

10 Top Tips For Con Men

Successful con men are masters in the art of conversational hypnosis, and while their profession is far from admiral the methods they use to prevail are quite fascinating. They build an illusion of trust in order to get what they want often simply by...
by Connecting Hypnotherapy... on Jun 19, 2012

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