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Ohio Heartbeat Bill Vetoed; Next?

Ohio Heartbeat Bill is vetoed; what’s next? Ohio Heartbeat Bill Vetoed; Next? Overview Prolife advocates are satisfied with Donald Trump’s win. Encouraged, some took up a suggested law. Called the Heartbeat Bill, they tried to get the leg...
by on Dec 16, 2016

TRUMP NOT FILES - Spinning the Constitution of the United States

"Emoluments Clause: Could Overturning 185 Years of Precedent Let Trump Off the Hook?" by Richard Tofel, ProPublica 12/13/2016Another view of the clause in the Constitution regarding payments from foreign countries would let Trump off the hook — and...
by Mage Soapbox on Dec 14, 2016

Rights of Citizens – Article 5 to 11 of Indian Constitution

by ExamFlip on Dec 10, 2016


TRUMP IS GUILTY OF VIOLATING THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION It’s been four weeks since Trump was elected as the next President of the United States. How do you think Donald Trump has done as President-Elect? LET US KNOW >> The day after he was...
by The Politics of Everything on Dec 8, 2016

Indian States – History of Formation of States in India

  Indian States are called “Union of States.” Constitution also described it same rather the “Federation of States.” Union of the states implies to Indestructible Centre and destructible states, while Federation refers to the Indestruct...
by ExamFlip on Dec 7, 2016

TRUMP NOT FILES - In Violation of Our Constitution

"Why Trump Would Almost Certainly Be Violating the Constitution If He Continues to Own His Businesses" by Richard Tofel, ProPublica 12/2/2016The meaning of the Emoluments Clause is fairly clear.  And it all goes back to a diamond-encrusted snuf...
by Mage Soapbox on Dec 5, 2016

Preamble of indian constitution

Preamble Constitution of India WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly Resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and To secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of though...
by ExamFlip on Dec 2, 2016

Constitution of India – Making, Composition and Features

Making of Constitution of India World’s largest democracy and world’s most detailed constitution, the constitution of India takes two years 11 months and 18 days to come into reality. It was M.N. Roy who firstly put forward the idea of the const...
by ExamFlip on Dec 1, 2016

Allow The God Fearing to Rule the Day?

Through the course of human endeavors,before there was God there were Gods.Before there were Gods there was Heaven.Before there was Heaven there was the Sun.Before there was the Sun there was darkness.In that darkness there was no language.There was...
by Murdockinations on Sep 5, 2016

University of Calicut BA B.Sc B.Com READINGS ON INDIAN CONSTITUTION 2014 Question Paper

Calicut University Previous Years Question Paper SECOND SEMESTER B.A./B,Sc./B.Com. DEGREE EXAMINATION, MAY 2014 (UG –CCSS) Common Course A 04 – READINGS ON INDIAN CONSTITUTION, SECULARISM AND SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT [2012 Admission onwards] Time...
by University Question Papers on Aug 24, 2016

HRD Ministry Rules Out Uniform Syllabus for Schools

… Continue Reading The post HRD Ministry Rules Out Uniform Syllabus for Schools appeared first on Quikr Blog.
by Quikr Blog on Aug 11, 2016

Did Trump Say That '2nd Amendment People' Should Shoot Hillary? (30- Second Video)

After watching the 30-second video below, tell me whether Donald Trump was actually suggesting that Hillary Clinton be shot by gun enthusiasts who believe in the U.S. Constitution!If you watch the news or read a newspaper this morning, however, that...
by The Political Commentator on Aug 10, 2016

NOU BA Analysed Indian Constitution 2015 Question Paper

Nalanda Open University Annual Examination - 2015 B.A. Political Science (Honours), Part-I Paper-II (Analysed Indian Constitution) Time: 3.00 Hrs. Full Marks: 80 Answer any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks. 1. Describe Cooperative Fed...
by University Question Papers on Jul 29, 2016

Either Freedom or the Establishment: Has It Come to This?

George SorosBy Eddie Howell    (Photos: Wikipedia) America is scheduled to have a general election in November that is nothing if not momentous. Assuming Obama does not declare martial law and attempt to stay in office, we will elect either...
by Something You Might Like on Jul 27, 2016

America's Real Enemy

  Poor Man Survival Self Reliance tools for independent minded people… ISSN 2161-5543 A Digest of Urban Survival Resources   You say, 'If I had a little more, I should be very satisfied.' You make a mistake.
by Urban Survival Resources on Jul 20, 2016

Indian Constitution Bangalore University 2015 Question Paper

University Name: Bangalore University Course Name: B.Com/B.B.M/B.H.M Subject: Indian Constitution - Version C Class: Fourth Semester Question Paper Code: SA-959 Year: May 2015 Download Link:
by University Question Papers on Jul 14, 2016

Donald Trump's Policies - Part 6, Gun Control

I’ve really struggled with the timing of this article. I was prepared to write it before the Orlando murders, but the rhetorical and political fallout caused me to pause. Typically after a situation like Orlando anger-filled hatred is spewed across...
by Clio's Lessons on Jun 22, 2016

Use of Government Watch Lists To Remove Rights is Unconstitutional and Dangerous

  Tenth Amendment Center | Michael Boldin ...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 21, 2016

3+ Points Against the Anti-Gun Control Argument

Stupid.That's what all this discussion, arguing, disagreement, lies, twisted logic and outright logical fallacies are about gun control. Stupid.There's a lot to get through here so I'll go through my three points, to give you an idea of what I'm talk...
by Murdockinations on Jun 20, 2016

3 Points Exemplifying the Anti Gun Control Argument Foolishness and Ignorance

Stupid.That's what all this discussion, arguing, disagreement, lies, twisted logic and outright logical fallacies are about gun control. Stupid.First of all we're ALL into gun control. To say otherwise is, well...stupid. No one wants (some do) excess...
by Murdockinations on Jun 20, 2016

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