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Content Marketing Challenges

The challenges of and problems with Content Marketing are four-fold: - What content can interest your potential customers - How to publish content as you need to distribute content in order to get read - Timing - Uniqueness 1. What content ? Creating...
by The LEADSExplorer blog on Feb 26, 2014

Why Content Marketing Does Not Always Guarantee Success?

The whole marketing world is going crazy over content marketing. Businesses are jumping into content marketing because it’s a sure shot way of getting more customers on board Marketing agencies are promoting content marketing as if there is no othe...
by Content Marketing Blog on Feb 6, 2012

Content marketing is getting hyped – The problems kept quiet

Content marketing is the new hype for attracting potential customers both in eCommerce and B2B. Targeting audience with content marketing Instead of presenting your market segment with interruptive impression-base advertising and unwanted post or ema...
by The LEADSExplorer blog on Dec 28, 2009

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