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oTaKu DeSu!~ reports! Comic Fiesta 2012 [CF12] Day 1 - We postponed Doomsday :)

Hey Hey!~ waking up in the early morning to get ready to be early for Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 2~ Yesterday~ Day 1 was a blast!I reach there and i didn't know where to queue up... T_T~ i walked up and down the convention centre like a crazy woman...i ju...
by oTaKu DeSu!~ on Dec 22, 2012

SCANDAL Special Live in Malaysia 2012 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports!

YESTERDAY WAS A BLAST!!!SCANDAL Special Live in Malaysia 2012 was a blast!~I arrived there at around 2.30pm and I'm already quite late... I was queueing on the first floor while the 2nd floor was already long packed with people~ most of them have the...
by oTaKu DeSu!~ on Dec 2, 2012

AniManGaki 2012 Day 1

AniManGaki 2012 Day 1 was a blast!link to my photo album at Facebook: AniManGaki 2012 Day 1off to shower and then study a little for Biology Trials paper on Monday before going to sleep... it's always tough to be a nerd and an otaku at the same time.
by oTaKu DeSu!~ on Aug 25, 2012

C2AGE 2012 Day 2 (19 May 2012) oTaKu DeSu!~ reports!~

i'm late with posting... in Facebook right, i saw pictures from C2AGE flooding my News Feed... ... *feels guilty*... but!!!! i will feel guilty if i don't write anything about it too O~O omg!!!! i'm such a mess... anywaysBE WARNED!!! THIS POST WILL T...
by oTaKu DeSu!~ on May 26, 2012

Taylor's College Learning Carnival (17 March 2012)

yo-s!!! yesterday was Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Learning Carnival~ well actually all the other Taylor's campus are having it... and at the same time there is this exhibition or something at PWTC on studying abroad or something so barely anyone ac...
by oTaKu DeSu!~ on Mar 18, 2012

Animax Carnival 2012 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports!~

WARNING! IMAGE FLOODING POST!hai long time no see! /shot *rubs face on my own blog* i miss you, do you know that? it's been a while since i last blogged... ah~ it was on that gloomy Valentine's Day =w=~ and that was cause i failed my driving test~ bu...
by oTaKu DeSu!~ on Mar 11, 2012

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