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Choosing the Tenth Galactic Student Council

I went with the Galactic Student Council metaphor just about seven years ago when the EVE Online Council of Stellar Management ran its first election.   And here we are today with the election of the 10th council kicking off.  (The whole thing sta...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Feb 25, 2015

EVE Online – CSM9 Voting Begins

The time has come to elect a new Council of Stellar Management in EVE Online.  CCP even has a fresh new logo for ninth CSM. Voting runs from now through April 22. CCP has a nice page up describing the voting process and the changes from last year, a...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Apr 8, 2014

The era of the Jesus feature is over

A Jesus feature, it emerged, is something that turns “4 loaves of bread into 50,000 new subscribers“. It’s the home run, the called shot into deep left field, the awesome idea that will solve all of CCP’s problems, carved in a...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Dec 11, 2011

The Incarna Summit Results

Due to all the incredible mis-cues by CCP surrounding the launch of the Incarna Expansion, especially around the opening of the Nobel Exchange in-game store, CCP took the extraordinary step of flying the Counsil of Stellar Management out to Iceland f...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Jul 2, 2011

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