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Why North London Residents Fear Going Outside

Uncollected Rubbish Causes Mass Of Problems In Edmonton An Edmonton cul-de-sac experiences rats, maggots and fly-tipping which are the result of piled high rubbish left for weeks by non-collection. Residents of North Road in Edmonton are becoming fea...
by Moving to London on May 15, 2016

Council tax bills rise across England

Council tax bills in almost every part of England are rising on Friday with an average annual increase of £46.
by TaxWorldWeb on Mar 31, 2016

Mini expenses revolt by two Labour backbenchers

Labour backbencher and former Executive Member Keith Perrin told Full Council last night that he could not vote for an increase in councillor expenses at the same time that the Council was putting up Council Tax. He voted against the proposal and was...
by wembleymatters on Feb 23, 2016

UK council tax increase ‘not enough’ to cover elderly care costs

A rise in council tax will not be enough to cover the cost of elderly and disabled care because of higher staff costs, the body that represents local government has warned.
by TaxWorldWeb on Feb 22, 2016

Brent Council Tax U-turn

I have been reflecting on Cllr Muhammed Butt's Council Tax u-turn, which has seen him advocate a maximum Council Tax rise after several years of doggedly trying to freeze the Council Tax even when the Labour Group has voted the opposite. Indeed, Bren...
by James Powney's Blog on Feb 3, 2016

Where do Fryent councillors stand on Council Tax Support Scheme Review?

There's a Brent Connects meeting in Willesden tonight where there will be a 'consultation' on the Brent Council budget despite the fact that the budget proposals going to Cabinet have already been written and appear on its agenda.We now know that thi...
by wembleymatters on Feb 1, 2016

No Council Tax Benefit review this year as 3.99% Council Tax rise set to be approved by Cabinet

This statement has just been released by Brent Council. It confirms the 3.99% Council Tax rise and Muhammed Butt states the Council's  intention to continue  protect those least able to pay Council Tax.  However, there is no proposal t...
by wembleymatters on Jan 29, 2016

Financial Incoherence at Brent Council

The recent decision to introduce NNDR for a specific organisation that I blogged on yeasterday also raises questions about the coherence of Brent Council's whole approach to its finances.From 2010 to 2013, the Council under unprecedented pressure fro...
by James Powney's Blog on Jan 26, 2016

Will Brent Labour Group bite back over last year's Council Tax decision?

I confess I am guilty of neglecting fellow blogger and ex-councillor James Powney's writings and I missed a posting last week  LINK on the likely Council Tax rise.In his piece James Powney draws attention to the situation last year when the Exec...
by wembleymatters on Jan 16, 2016


Please see the side panel to take part in this poll.You can add a reason for your vote as a comment below this posting.
by wembleymatters on Jan 14, 2016

Brent Council Tax Rise Likely

I hear that Brent Council is likely to go for a Council Tax rise this year.  This has seemed to me to be the only sensible course for some time.  The rise will still only make a modest contribution to protecting Council services but it is b...
by James Powney's Blog on Jan 13, 2016

Should Brent Council raise Council Tax to protect key services?

That will be one of the key questions asked at Brent Scrutiny Committee tonight when they discuss the report of the Budget Scrutiny Panel. LINKLast year a move to increase Council Tax by 2% was opposed by the Cabinet but the mood appears to have shif...
by wembleymatters on Jan 6, 2016

Pavey says time has come to raise Brent Council Tax - potentially by 4%

Responding to the Scrutiny Budget Panel's report this evening, Cllr Michael Pavey, deputy leader and lead for finance, said because of the substantial amount that could be raised and its potential impact on services, that he now supported a rise in C...
by wembleymatters on Jan 6, 2016

Brent Budget Scrutiny Panel recommend Council Tax rise to protect the most vulnerable

In a report to be discussed at the Scrutiny Committee meeting on January 6th 2016, Brent Budget Scrutiny Panel recommend that the Council raise Council Tax by the maximum of 2% which is allowed without a referendum as well as the 2% ring-fenced rise...
by wembleymatters on Dec 24, 2015

Cuts to go ahead at Brent Council despite slight respite and worse to come

The First Reading of the Budget will take place on Monday at Full Council.  The report details a wider measure of uncertainty that usual regarding the impact of government legislation as well as specific figures from government. The report sugge...
by wembleymatters on Nov 21, 2015

Council Tax Support

I wasn't at the Brent Council Cabinet last night, but I was interested to read the report on the Council's Council Tax Support scheme.  The decision to retain this scheme more or less as originally designed suggests to me that the original desig...
by James Powney's Blog on Oct 20, 2015

Study says ‘no magic bullet’ to cure council tax defects

Replacing or reforming the council tax in Scotland could prove challenging, according to a study.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 6, 2015

Brent Council Fees and Charges

I note the forthcoming report on Brent Council's fees and charges is to tread water on most of them.  This is different from the previous policy, which was to have a default of increasing them in line with inflation.  It essentially locks&n...
by James Powney's Blog on May 26, 2015

Local Government Finance Not Fit for Purpose

The most recent LGiU survey on local government finance found that 93% of respondents thought local government finance was "not fit for purpose".  A further 54% of them thought that their authorities were in danger of not being able to fund stat...
by James Powney's Blog on Mar 15, 2015

Brent Labour slams down the shutters over Council Tax debate

My grandad, brought up in the Victorian era, had a rich collection of' 'naughty' sayings and rhymes.   Apparently innocuous when said slowly, they were rude when spoken quickly. He delighted in encouraging his grandchildren to utter them at spee...
by wembleymatters on Feb 28, 2015

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